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  1. AKM vs AK74n

    BS has the ability to completely ignore level 4 armor. so it can kill fast MT users in one. A big slow bullet is actually much worse at penetrating armor than a fast small bullet.
  2. AKM vs AK74n

    No question the AK74N. 60 round mags available ammo that can one shot through fast MT helmets way less recoil. cheaper with the tool kit trade.
  3. Official Trading Thread

    last chance, items will be sold to traders tonight sick of the inventory space getting used for them.
  4. Official Trading Thread

    WTS Propane x5 flashdrive x1 car batteries x5 roler watch x4 wd40 100ml x4 corrugated hoses x4 mark key x3 zb-014 keyx2 WTB gunpowder x3 Please PM offers want to sell all of it in the next couple days rest will get vendored
  5. Make shotguns great again

    Considering SMGs and shotguns are almost completely nonexistent in modern militaries I think it’s clear to see why.... They suck in real life and they suck in game, that’s just the reality. There is a reason SBRs in a intermediate cartridge has replaced SMGs completely.
  6. Shame on you

    Inb4 #locked
  7. Netcode Analysis - PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE

    Yea its really telling what kind of devs we are working with as they suppress criticism of their game. RIP EFT...
  8. IRL real close quarters fights are relatively uncommon it would seem. As a result i suspect most of the first hand knowledge is biased towards longer range and longer duration firefights. Which would favor aimed semi auto fire. The game simulates aggressive ultra close range conflicts that really just don’t happen that often IRL.
  9. inappropriate names

    Seriously.... What the hell, some guys name offends your sensibilities but the only way you could learn his name is either you murdered him or he murdered you.... really? Snowflakes.
  10. inappropriate names

    Really? It’s a name in a game who cares.
  11. BS armor pen.

    Seems BSG stealth nerfed BS rounds to no longer penetrate the ops core helmet can anyone else verify?
  12. Dogtag nerf?

    Given they choked the income out of safes and such already I hope they leave their value alone. getting pretty tilting to open a locked door and loot a safe to find literally nothing in it.
  13. You clearly dont understand both videos you linked are not the same armor, one is soft Kevlar and the other is not kevlar at all its UHMWPE. Also more to the point of the OP and the hackusations. Learn the game and its ballistics before throwing hackusations and you would readily see that the TT is all but useless for penetrating armor of any kind in game currently.
  14. You are right it should do more damage to basic Kevlar helmets like the kiver. At current they give handgun cartridges a little too little credit with armor piercing bullets. But part of that problem is that only the shrimp currently has a real AP cartridge, 9mm luger and 9mm mak both only have steel core bullets, but they are likely mild steel core ball rounds. At least by the description in game thats what it would lead you to believe. However unless they somehow model multiple hits to the same area and the damage and armor fatigue that would cause and its effect on penetration they can only fix it so much, because the reality is that kevlar is very susceptible to multiple impacts in the same impact area weakening the armor to the point pretty much any handgun cartridge would pen.
  15. For those still struggling to understand.×25mm_Tokarev look at the level two armor damage.