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    group: Night crawler action: search description: Ross is passing down an alley way between two torn up buildings. Hardly a window remains unscathed on either side of him and his head is near dizzy with the amount his eyes keep darting from one to the next. Sneaking from dumpster to dumpster as he passes down to the back of the buildings, his gut twists and turns with a mixture of fear and adrenaline. Got to get inside, got to get inside. Oh crap, got to get inside! Ross enters a clear space between cross ways of alleys, acting as a sort of communal area once upon a time. Several doors lead into the various buildings edging the area. I'll make camp in that one there once I've surveyed the surrounding buildings for anything i can use. Just hope some kind soul has left their gun safe or something for me. (Just to clarify. Is it on turn 2 that your character starves or is it after turn 2? Was going to eat at the end of next turn to stretch supplies out a little.)
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    group: Night Crawler action: Move to destination description: Bagging up the various cans found during the previous days search, Ross looks around the small rundown room he is in at the moment. The wallpaper is starting to peel in places, water marks show the slow decent of rot creeping into the once cherished but now unkempt space. Life's were once lived in here. Memories of a happier time still seem to cling the the very fabric, awaiting the return of it all. The fury the people of this place would feel right now to see me picking apart what remains. such simple things would mean so much then. Now it is nothing more than a means for me to shelter and plan for ahead. Taking out one of the cans, he turns it over in his hands. Wondering if sparing his own rations and using this unmarked item to fuel his onward journey would be a good idea. He puts it back inside his pack and removes the fresher looking packaging of his brought with rations. My stomach would feel more at ease with this than with the unknown. I'll keep the other for when times are lean. My stomach will just have to deal with it then. Chewing on his food, Ross plans for a move into the next likely area for his search to riches. He heaves his pack up onto his shoulders and creeps off, leaving only the disused wrappers behind him. A tail of his visit in crumpled up foil...
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    Group : Night crawler Action: Search Description: From the woodlands edge, Ross surveys the buildings and roads in the distance. Trying to figure out his best path into the area undetected. The journey has left him hungrier than expected and he decides that now is a good time to refuel before heading in. Rations, armies march by them and the desperate will kill for them. Biting down the last of his meal, he looks up at the reddening sky. It'll be dark by the time he hits the city. He takes off towards his objective. Night falls as Ross creeps over a road boundary on the outskirts of town. Cars are left in various positions across the road. I wonder how much panic the folk in those cars were in when they ditched their fastest ride out of this hell. He considers looking in some of them to see if in their haste, something may have been left behind but knows better than to linger out in the open too long, even in the cover of night. He moves on to the beginnings of a street. Some buildings stand remarkably in one piece, others are strewn with bullet holes and other structural wounds. I need to find something that'll help me out here. Best bets to look into the damaged buildings, but which one? After carefully weighing up his options, Ross removes the torch from his back pocket. The heavy metal torch is black and almost invisible in the night. He points it towards the ground and clicks the button on the upper part of the main body. A solid beam of brilliant light marks a near perfect disk on the tarmac below his feet. He quickly flicks it back off. Torch works well, just need to keep it away from any openings. Can't afford any one seeing the light. Sneaking over to the building of choice he notices the door is well and truly hanging off its hinges. Whoever entered in the past came in meaning business. Hope you were just passing through here, partner. Ross ducks into the inky blackness to start his search...
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    Group : Night crawler Action: move Description: The woods are like home, almost. Well, to be honest, woods at home aren't as big as this, or as dangerous, or in the middle of a war zone. Trudging through low hanging branches and thick bushes, Ross makes his way towards faint plumes of smoke that can be seen above the canopy of green where it breaks wide enough to get a glimpse of the horizon. Damn that prick for getting me into this mess. Noticing the trees starting to spread out gives him a clue that the woods edge is approaching. He can already feel a tensing of the shoulders as at least such dense woods he can't be spotted by keen eyes, or even worse sights. Pulling out his balaclava from his back pocket he wrestles it over his head and checks the straps on his gloves. Right, game plan. Just get into a building as quietly and unseen as possible. Spend the night hiding out in some crawl space or basement, then search the place for whatever i can use come night fall. Patting the heavy lump in his back pocket to check its still there, he marches on with a foreboding sense of whats needing to be done.
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    Имя персонажа Ross Описание Born in Scotland. Ex service man who changed paths into the personal protection racket when he fell out with army superiors. Его прошлое A fairly average upbringing in life. Joined up to the army at 18, applied to the special forces at 24. Как он попал в Тарков? Working for a client who was interested in shipping arms into the area. Hired to oversee a deal that went sideways and left him stuck Tarkov. Пристрастия Money focused as a means of ending the nightmare. Can handle side arms of various natures. Loves a good whiskey. Been brow beaten into stopping smoking but always enjoyed the habit. Друзья None out here. Ранения и битвы Has preferred to conceal himself from conflict and operates under a swift and surprise mindset. He has a few hidden scars but other wise nothing note worthy. Стремления To return home with as much of a retirement fund as possible. Самые значительные достижения персонажа Survived an ambush at an arms deal with nothing more than a Glock and a spare mag. Сила 25 Выносливость 25 Меткость 30 Инженер