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  1. pythonmsh

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Swerve Yolofish#2567
  2. pythonmsh

    Not another wipe thread.

    That's a tough call. We'll have to wait and see, maybe we'll get a response from the BSG team. It seems like BSG is pretty good on keeping their word with content patches and early 2018 would be jan/feb. Edit - Also... could this also mean you can only claim gifts once every 6 months? Anywho, I'm off to bed. Most likely this thread will be locked by the time I wake up. I know they aren't fond of these threads but I figure this hasn't been asked very much and it's a solid question.
  3. pythonmsh


    Go to the health resort on shoreline, you'll get a ton of morphine.
  4. pythonmsh

    Not another wipe thread.

    Can you send me a link to the confirmation?
  5. pythonmsh

    Not another wipe thread.

    Has this been confirmed or are you just guessing? It sounds like BSG Doesn't do wipes very often and such a short wipe would seem odd.
  6. pythonmsh

    Not another wipe thread.

    Obviously we just wiped on the 28th. It sounds like open beta is going to be released sometime in January maybe early feb. Will there be a wipe come open beta as we just had a big content patch? Should be expect such a short wipe?
  7. pythonmsh

    You ever feel bad for killing someone?

    I'm never ever friendly in games. Never felt bad for killing someone until this one lol.
  8. pythonmsh

    You ever feel bad for killing someone?

    I have a question and I'm not gonna make a new thread about it... but is this true? "2-3 weeks AFTER 28.12. there will be OBT with new map interchange" I feel like second half of shoreline and interchange will be insane.
  9. pythonmsh

    PSA - Never go into shower bathrooms.

    I picked them up from a dead player. It's at the point where I don't like ComTac's they give me a complete headache, an on/off switch wouldn't be the worst idea.
  10. I went into Factory and was in the lockers. I came up behind a fully kitted guy with fort/kiver/mpx. First thing that comes to mind is sweet, nice gear to extract with. I extract and go to the stats page and it said he was level 1-10. This guy may of just bought the game for ~$150 and he just lost his good stuff. I kinda feel bad now lol.
  11. pythonmsh

    KEEP looted gains in OFFLINE mode plz

    Don't even need high level gear to farm scavs. Offline mode would make this game way too easy.
  12. pythonmsh

    Fence is like Rick Harrison.

    I know that DVL-10 is worth 130k, but I'll give you 60k. I gotta run a business here. I gotta frame it and whatnot and that's gonna be an extra 30k and it's gonna sit in my shop for years!
  13. pythonmsh

    PSA - Never go into shower bathrooms.

    Just telling others to be careful.
  14. pythonmsh

    PSA - Never go into shower bathrooms.

    Apparently it can also happen in the little bathrooms.
  15. pythonmsh

    PSA - Never go into shower bathrooms.

    Who knows. It's happened to me and seen others stuck there. Just sucks losing fully modded m4,akm,ak74 and 2 sets of Fort n kiver cause of it. I know it's still in beta and there's tons more opportunities for loot just annoying lol. I should of just stuck with my ak equipped but figured my chances to extract were higher with a m4 with 60 rds. Plus probably doesn't help when you get that huge rush of an excitement with such a huge payout and for such a bug to happen.