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  1. Arma 3 has a great example of aiming deadzone. Go to 1:05. I'd suggest not giving people the options of turning this off. this way kills are purely skill based. obviously the crosshair would not be on. As for the 4 levels of grenade throwing. I'd suggest level 1 is standard. press G for a quick grenade toss. level 2-4 would be pulling your grenade out and holding it your hand. when held (level2) its just like level 1 just a regular toss. if you mouse wheel down (level 3) your character would hold the grenade palm facing up for a short underhand toss. from level 2 is you mouse wheel up (level 4) he would hold the grenade palm down. In this mode you will do a running throw that goes much further then the Level 2 toss.
  2. HTC VIVE and Virtuix omni

    Make This game fully compatible with and and im sold but have a plastic rifle you can put one of the controllers in for the pistol grip or both so people can feel like they have the physical weapon. at the same time add a powered piston in the weapon that can detect trigger pulls both semi and full auto for the recoil. this