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  1. Blacknight

    100 Rsass Mega Giveway

    My team needs more rsass power for night vision tri laser raids. We call it predator mode.
  2. Blacknight

    Новые игроки

    Имя персонажа Chris-Sullivan Описание 6 foot, blonde, patchy beard, crooked nose, high and tight hair. Его прошлое left Ireland to join up in the USA Marines. then after a few years of service left to join up for usec and shipped out to Tarkov. Как он попал в Тарков? by joining up with usec. Пристрастия m4s and high caliber guns. Друзья none, he's an untrusting man. Ранения и битвы black eye, healed gunshot in leg Стремления to escape Tarkov with a treasure trove of goodies. Самые значительные достижения персонажа passing the marine sniper test and become the first soldier in his family in a century Сила 27 Выносливость 23 Меткость 30 Снайпер
  3. Blacknight

    starting gear?

    i just want to know what we will start off in the world with, a little pistol and some food, or some base assault rifle.
  4. Blacknight

    Inventory System

    ok, now you just gave me an idea, in the game 'alone in the dark' (the new and bad one) the inventory system is on your character and in his jacket. so they could do some thing like the image below, where you look down and into your pouches, and to get into your backpack, you crouch down and take it off you back and look though it; like in 'last of us.'
  5. Blacknight

    The wasteland and its 'Waste' land

    Hi, am really really new to your game, and spent about five minutes skimming though the suggestions, and i did not see what am about to suggest. and that's a toilet system, where you will need to regulate your characters bowel system. i think this would be a great idea. in the game 'the ship' you have to assassinate the other members of the ship, while still fulfilling your basic needs, this leads to tense moments, where you need to s**t but you target is just around the corner and you hunter could be anywhere, this is a very neat and interesting concept, that i think would be a small, but intensity making machine of a feature. I really think this can be a very good idea, but its just a suggestion from one very new member. as we see more of the game; maybe my idea will lose its grandeur in my mind. Thank you for your time.