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    Operation Escape From Tarkov - Slayers

    Good Morning everyone, Our post has been recreated, cleaned up, edited and made more helpful to read. The EFT Slayers Discord was created, setup, and helped out by a lot of very experienced other clan and community leaders, not just from EFT, from all other games as well. There is very skilled people that help 24/7 with moderation, keeping everything neat and organized, and as well keeping the discord a drama and toxic free place. We are technically a "clan/group/community/etc" however you can treat it and use this discord for any and all needs you have with EFT and other things like growing your content (twitch, youtube, etc) and goes as far out to help promote other discords and communities out there that are non toxic and drama free as well. This is the only sole EFT server that was designed to literally help anyone out with (EFT, IRL, PVP, ETC) AS WELL AS just jumping on in and playing right off the bat and has literally the longest typed out guides for EFT players to help them with frustrations and understand that in this game, the way you think, will get you killed more than trying to 1v1 with someone in the middle of the woods because obviously the more skilled shot will win. But why not learn how to kill everything on the map and with barely any taking any shots back? We can help with that with as well by showing you one discord category A lot of the times we are constantly hard at work to make new post on the forums here to help out every one playing eft but the more detailed and super comprehensive tips (and very very very long ) ones were just posted in there to save some headaches and backlash that comes from posting super long threads on game forums (hope you understand) The tips and tricks, tactics, best ways of communicating while in raid (This list can go on forever...) was a collaborative effort from every different type of player you can imagine or have ever experienced while playing any video game or have actually been through it in real life and have the actual training which is just awesome. Everything related to EFT gets funneled directly into this discord (most helpful forum threads, the most badass content in eft, etc..) This discord was setup with a compellation of all the great and super awesome things hand pick by our members to share with and try to literally build the best Sole EFT Help New2EFT players out there. (The Unofficial EFT Discord will always be the best discord for everything EFT and he deserves a server join no matter what if you play EFT the amount of work it took (and takes to manage) in my opinion and having eft forum moderators and the some of the devs on there answering questions and helping out everyone the best they can is outstanding on their part.) This server has grown rapidly and is thoroughly enjoyed by every member that is there that appreciates the people spending so much time and energy that almost everyone that helps out because some of us only play EFT to help others. This server is not trying to compete with any other discord and is down to help any one from any other discord and take their advice as well to help making gaming and playing together the most enjoyable experience for everyone. There are hardcore solo lobby wiping, multiple 5 man destroyers players that can put down targets from across the map without being seen or heard the whole raid to people that literally just bought or was gifted the game within the last 24 hours in here and everything in between. If you want to come and copy/ paste anything to help your server or content grow you are more then welcome to as use us for that as seeing that I'm more than enough mature and obviously not a jealous type of person. Just a helpful average joe that like cheeseburgers and pickle backs :). If your cool dude and or dudet and any of this sounds good (I suck at writing lmao) then left click the instant discord invite here to get started slaying! > https://discord.gg/7psNfWr Godspeed everyone, The Slayers.
  2. Any help with organizing our huge guides like @qS_Sachiel helped out with or teaching me how to do it would awesome brother
  3. Great moderator and personally worked with to settle an issue like grown men as I see now as to the confusion I had was geared to the way the forum setup was unusual and I was already in jerk kind of attitude. 

  4. Thank you man for the support. As far clearing rooms attached the 3rd floor hallway the broken hole in the bathroom/ locker room/ tile room gets one every time from me if I have one and the hole in the wall right above the stage with double loot crate as to seeing anyone that is up hiding in those rooms should at least be shell shocked and easier to kill while advancing on them. Thank you brother for the kind words and adding more to help out man.
  5. AndrewBruno

    Spawn Kills

    I agree with everyone as well and even when I spawn in its still a habit to get up high like for example at customs slab spawn and wait 1 to 2 min and you can still the direction of them teleporting through map it happens every raid and happens to me when I spawn in even after seeing someone teleport and see where they hang in there. I know they are working on fixing it because there is a new error when getting stuck on awaiting session start now as well too.
  6. The feels... Great addition man. Duffle bags that no one ever checks after all the hatchlings die are my favorite too Aww man, Thank you man for the kind words brother. Let us know when you get it man were here to help
  7. Thank you man for help I will be contacting the moderators to help out with that brother and I really appreciate the feedback man Scholar and a Gentlemen sir! Cheers Mr. Sheep thank you sir for the reply I love reading all your comments everywhere else man. Your very helpful I appreciate the feedback
  8. AndrewBruno

    Sombody to play with :)

    Hey brother unfortunately this thread will get locked man since they dont allow lfg post in clans but if you would like access to over 200 of the most dedicated and nicest and hardest working eft players in the world in the world that are looking for the same thing as you man were in here I dont mind to sound bias or stuck up but ive been to literally 99% of the discords in here and you get treated better than family in here by these men and women and it is also the best forum for everything eft and has guides you wont learn anywhere but from in there. You have my word man. Names andrew and its nice to meet you feel free to click on my profile if you want proof that im not pulling your leg https://discord.gg/AdsCzF
  9. I have 12 more post on the way for night raids, wiping factory and farming it. How to communicate move and split up. The best way to run a 4 or 5 man. How not to die to ai scavs when noise discipline matters and it when doesnt. Best way to practice within a squad when brand new to eft. And so much more I want to post 1 or 2 more parts a week over the next 2-3 months I hope everyone would appreciate that I hope.. Or Anyways stay up friend
  10. Mil should mean you get shot by bullet in leg because you run across field with no cover you fall down or you get shot in the head your dead or at least knocked unconscious how imo. Along with everything else Sorry im writing weird just been up for two days working on all these post with no sleep brother.
  11. And if anyone on these forums or plays this game could help me out as to where the best place is to post this or as how to have it pinned and the pt 2 I made to this (click on profile to ind pt 2) ive searched and read looking for something like this everywhere on website and couldn't find any post like the one we created but yet that are still more traffic to people posting and raging about how hard this game is then this post which is the exact counter to that toxicity.. Thank you in advanced
  12. I'm down to help you and everyone else anytime man. I might suck at aiming and killing because of 20 fps every map and 25 on factory but not being able to kill pmc easy yet has made me learn to adapt and learn literally almost everything other players will do when xyz happens and knowing that much I feel makes it very easy for you and everyone else I play with kill them Thank you man for the kind words brother ill be back on at 2pm pst today man if your on brother. And everyone helps setting and changing this discord everyday man to make it better even you bro I was just a dude that typed in username and password tbh
  13. Yes sir I understand that I agree with both of you guys I was literally just repeating what the develops said on all their videos and what is described off the home page of the website.
  14. I don't understand this brother. Are the game developers not advertising it as a milsim realistic first person shooter hardcore mmorpg video game anymore? If not, I apologize for the misinformation then and thank you for the update . Thank you for the feedback.
  15. Thank you for the feedback. I will cover that into very very great detail and it will be very long though and cover every possible situation when dealing with ai scavs atm. Cheers man I just hope it helps and makes things fun without dying Appreciate the feedback