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  1. vicwiz007

    Photos From Battlestate - Pt. 2!

    Where are all the women?
  2. vicwiz007

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #3

    Talk about the flea market maybe?
  3. vicwiz007

    I want a refund

  4. vicwiz007

    New Video Showcasing the Upcoming Patch!

    I hope we will start having fights like this rather than the usual juggernauts dispensing fountains of lead on eachother
  5. vicwiz007

    New AK variant screenshots

    well now that we're getting 6 new guns (although most are just slight variations), the delay feels more worth it. @klapstoel you can wikipedia it. some are 5.45, some 5.56, some 7.62
  6. vicwiz007

    A video I made :D

    Ah pretty good video. The first fight was pretty cool actually and your friend being mowed down by kotton looked hilarious
  7. vicwiz007

    The Traders Greed event is over

    Somebody really jumped the gun/ screwed the proverbial pooch with these events huh? Now it makes it seem as if the update is far away. Oh well tis life. Nikita giveth and Nikita taketh
  8. Swing that jawn on by Philly while you're in the US. We'll have some cheese steaks ready for ya Edit- wait this is an April fool's joke? What a weird joke lol that Russian humor!
  9. vicwiz007

    2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    I get really bored and annoyed at the current deathmatch state of the game, but seeing those things planned I have lots of hope. Make it great! Don't rush, don't release before ready.
  10. vicwiz007

    New players

    I am very confused. I made a character but i have no idea how to actually play. On the game panel it says i need to join a group or something but i see no option for that anywhere.
  11. vicwiz007

    New players

    Character name Victor_Romano Description Average height, brown hair, brown eyes, average build. Does not enjoy conflict. Friendly and easy-going. His past Worked for the US government ensuring that companies follow environmental standards and regulations. Has a wife, two kids, and a dog. Enjoyed sport-shooting on his free time, but would never hunt because of his love for animals and nature. How did he get to Tarkov? The US government noticed suspicious activity by TerraGroup in Tarkov, and sent over many agents to ensure that the company was following all environmental safety guidelines. Victor himself managed a group of 5 workers. Predilections Loves any and all NATO guns. Hates conflict. Friends His 5 subordinates he came with. Wounds, and battles Never fought a day in his life, although he was a bad shoulder that can act up under heavy strain. Aspirations Wants to get home to his family by any means necessary. The greatest achievement that character did Won the local shooting competition when he was 25. Strength 22 Endurance 28 Accuracy 30 Engineer
  12. vicwiz007


    You gotta pump those times up, those are rookie times! Back in my day I could spawn, get shot, and die all before my screen finishes fading out of black.
  13. vicwiz007


    This was answered for me long ago thanks though
  14. Quite literally- "How to buy friends" lol at least "how to buy friends in Tarkov"
  15. vicwiz007

    **Dev Q & A 1/10**

    i dont get why these questions are being put in if the answer is "maybe" or "im not sure what this means"... Who is doing these things?