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  1. Cheaters ban

    I was thinking the same thing, if this list has been made in one day, why don't we have a daily or even weekly reporting. About the clan's members caught, i feel bad for the clans that have bad names just because of one or two assholes. No real way to distinguish a very good player from a ESP user even if you play a ton of games together. All the biggest and more competitive clans had to suffered of this soon or later.
  2. The Wipe is Coming??? Pilgrim bags?!

    Hi Forget the pilgrim, OK it's big but the blue fluo color makes you spot from miles away...Trizip is a lot better.
  3. help me understand how EFT works

    Hi, It happens especially if you don't have a SSD. If you don't have one, I advice you to preload the map that you want to play in solo mode and to relaunch in multi after that. You should win few seconds that will help you to avoid late spawms.
  4. Cheaters ban

    GJ BSG
  5. Squads, Squads, Squads...

    Always the same feedback "later, it will make sense"...and so what until then? Many new players will be disgusted by this, not everybody is a tryhard like me. I play only solo and usually enjoy to fight against squads, but the choice should be offer to the players until the gameplay will change and really justify to play only in squads. When i died all the day because of squads (most of them camp the bodies of their teammates when you killed few of them and I don't want to wait 10mn because of the last camper nearby) , i woud like to have the opportunity to play vs solo players for few games. I will play in squad when I will be sure to face only equivalent squads. For now, it's just the easy mode for cowards.
  6. Escape from Tarkov ira sur le Soleil !

    Au moins ET saura que Tarkov n'est pas le lieu idéal pour établir un premier contact s'il n veut pas se faire loot son pistolaser ..
  7. Why aren't SCAVs and PMCs completely separate?

    Scavs don't spawn in the first seconds of a raid. You hear gun fights from players who chosed to spawn on the other side with the map. Moroever who cares how peoples do some money, they are plenty of way...If you limit the scav loot, you ll have more gear fear and even more hatchets
  8. Gun stops firing in full auto mode

    Hi all, Just got the same problem twice : I kill a first enemy with controled fire (shot by shot, but in full auto mod), his teammate rush me, I'm ready to full him at 2 meters but only one shot is fired, I got spray and die...Happened with AK74n fully modded with a very good durabilty (more than 90%) I don"t care of losing my stuff, but I just hate to lose an opportunity to wipe a squad because of this kind of BS A new shity bug each day...GJ
  9. Questionnements

    Salut, A ce propos, je crois que le Mastering des armes (à partir du L3) permet de recharger en gardant l'arme en "épauler". Pour le reste de l'impact des mods, j'ai le même ressenti que toi (après je peux me faire des films ) a+ ig
  10. Always on 100 ping with good internet?

    Most EU players that i know can barely play theses days, game is just awful. If you watch the official French streamer (and his tchat members), peoples even doubt that there is an european server....When you see the US streamers is just an other game An offIcial BSG's feedback on the EU servers issue (overload / quality / plans to deploy others servers in more EU countries or in Germany) would be nice to help us to have a better understanding. But apparently we don't deserve any info. Maybe we should whine on Reddit to get a feedback of his highness Nikita instead of supporting the game and posting here...
  11. Salut, Pour répondre à a ta question supplémentaire: Un mois déja ce ne fait pas beaucoup en face de joueurs qui ont un an ou plus d'experience. Le gameplay est anxiogéne pour tout le monde en solo. Même en performant bien et avec un stash plein a craquer, tu n'y échappes pas. Si la peur de perdre de son gear est de plus en plus secondaire à force de balancer des centaines de milliers de roubles à chaque mort, le sentiment d'insécurité persiste pour tout le monde. Les parties se résument à passer du statut de chasseur à chassé en quelques secondes, c'est ça qui est bon! QQs petits conseils pour le solo Jouer full gear : autant mettre toutes les chances de ton coté et travailler à diminuer l'importance portée à une éventuelle perte de matos. Si tu es ruiné tu peux toujours te refaire en jouant scav Penser plus à survivre qu'à tuer (oui je sais, ça fait pas rêver) ne pas hésiter à prendre son temps, à camper ou à run si tu n'as pas l'info et que tu es pris pour cible, ne pas tirer sans savoir si la cible est seule, à ne pas tirer si le tire est hazardeux, à éviter tout affrontement que tu n'auras pas mûrement choisi Prévoir ces itinéraires, les points hauts ou tu pourras "scan" les alentours et les lieux ou tu tendras une ambush Pour les spawns, tu peux bien sur t'en éloigner mais tu peux aussi tendre de jolies embuscades aux teams qui les rush en début de partie Pour les vs teams, faire du hit and run vs les équipes sans rusher le loot et prévoir un itinéraire de fuite avec un couvert pour flanquer après ton premier engagement. Partir du principe qu'il y a toujours un joueur de plus qui approche : un petite pause avant de looter après un gun fight et un scan te sauveront souvent Tu peux aussi jouer de nuit ou le gameplay est plus furtif/lent en mode NV qui donnent souvent un bon avantage sur les PMC qui en sont dénués Seul le comtac est ton ami, tu peux plus facilement être alerté par les bruits aux alentours Voilou, voilou en espérant que cela t'aide a+ IG
  12. Cheater, Camper, Spawn killer

    Hi, We got that your mad for now but your perception is wrong. Man, you have 2 days of experience, c'mon. You play an hardcore game vs peoples who play since a year...Come back in 2 months and share. FYI, you can perform very well with no gear whatever your level is. And yes you can also perform alone, it's jsut harder. But you have to try hard, study the videos/forums, make a lots of trainning in solo mode, and try hard again. You can aslo ask to a clan to help you for the first games etc About cheaters, I play since 8 months and i maybe had some doubts on 5 games...not really the pandemy The real question is : do you have what it take or are you another casual whiner?
  13. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the random scav (i didn't shoot you when you were looting, later you gave a medic pack and a gratch in dorms) I just teamed with on customs, I revenged you bro! When the infamous SunnyG killed you and hurted me bad, i ran away (in total panic, i confess^^) to the bus parking and succeed to OS him (with the 133 picked up when we went out from the dorms) when he rushed me. He was full of juice (M4/fort/Fast etc) ! A pity that we didn't see him first, but it was nice to raid together, GJ to you! @ Sunny Sorry bro for i don't even know how i killed you (maybe the armor bug or you already had a member at 0), clearly a lucky shot ! Next time, you'll have a better fate. GG
  14. 100 Rsass Mega Giveway

    Because I could glitch it in my epsilon and troll around! PS Just kidding, I have all I need and I don't apply to the giveway, but it 's nice from you to support the community
  15. Make shotguns great again

    Moreover some 9mn AP rounds seem to have no issue to penetrate a IIIA body armor : Implementing this amo could be a good way to promote the SMG use.