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  1. Perhaps a rework?? as its ruining solo experiences

    I like playing this game because it can be really difficult. I like a challenge and usually when I die its because Im doing something dumb. I really wish people would stop coming on here trying to make the game easier.
  2. Cheating too rampant, especially @ Factory

    Im out. Watch my video people
  3. Cheating too rampant, especially @ Factory

    @rix5 Check out my response and video link above. I think you are uninformed also. Another thing I want to point out to everyone is that in Escape from Tarkov you can shoot through walls just like in real life.
  4. Cheating too rampant, especially @ Factory

    @azerbah I dont think you actually comprehend what goes on when connections are out of sync. Your own ignorance may be blinding you. I will say it again.....What you see and hear at you end is different to what your opponent sees and hears at their end. If someone shot you behind cover its very possible that at their end they had line of sight to you but at your end they didnt. Heres a video explaining what goes on, do with it what you like.
  5. Cheating too rampant, especially @ Factory

    Im sorry but its just ridiculous to call anyone a cheat when the connections and netcode are in the state that they are in. What you see and hear on your end is not what an opponent sees and hears on their end. Therefore you will have encounters where you think you have the upper hand but in fact you dont or vice versa. You also will find at times that an opponent has killed you first when you think that you have killed them first. I actually cant believe what I am reading on this thread. Its like nobody has ever played an online game with connection problems before. Bf4 and Destiny both had really similar problems. If you like this game and want to see it succeed then help Battlestate finish it rather than bitching. Its still has a long way to go and they do not have an endless pit off money so its up to us to help them.
  6. EPSILON Case giveaway!

    Hello My wife and I are expecting our first child on the 31st of December so that means no Christmas gift for me. This would be an awesome gift to get but at the end of the day if there is someone else out there who is struggling with the game then they probably deserve it more. Thanks for the opportunity anyway, Regards DoctorSparky
  7. Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    While I understand the frustration here. Games with this level of detail are very expensive to make and I would say that it is very likely that Battlestate are currently spending more money than they are making to produce this game. The good thing about pre-ordering an indie title is that your money goes directly to the developer and not to some dirty redundant publisher. I think the EOD edition should always be available as it is the complete version of the game. I do however think that early backers (dont kid yourself you are backers not customers) who tested in the early alpha stage should get something unique in game and early EOD purchasers should get something else extra that no other player has such as an additional container. That way new players such as myself can contribute the maximum amount of funds to help finish this game and Alphas have recognition for all the time they have put in so far.