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  1. why are you still active 

  2. Mr_Sheep

    Recruiting - Task Force Bravo Gaming Community

    Its a dead clan.
  3. Mr_Sheep


    Bad, you cant give away money like that. You are the reason this game is the next dayz.
  4. Sheep was here 2k18, playing vinilla wow now, hella fun

  5. Mr_Sheep

    Since this latest update...

    Woooooh your having issues after a patch, thats new. Just wait until the fully optimise the game, so come back in about two to three years yeah?
  6. Mr_Sheep

    if wipe, keep containers?

    Bad, very bad idea, you should be banned for such a bad idea, but you never know with BSG they could do some juicy micro transactions, only $4.99 for a weapon case, buy 10 get the next one half price! Or just get good, stream eft and get a press kit and start out with like 3 weapons cases ect lol
  7. Mr_Sheep

    Stash sort button

    Yea same i think this will come too in like 2020, They have a list of things that need to be fixed first
  8. Mr_Sheep

    if wipe, keep containers?

    What? m8 you keep your container or whatever if it wipes anyway ( Depends what pack you got ) but if your package is not EOD and you dont start with a weapons case ect, get good or upgrade.
  9. Mr_Sheep

    Was told to make a forum post instead of a ticket.

    Could it be, you have todo a quest? idk i dont play eft that much
  10. Mr_Sheep

    State of the Game .8.3.1274

    EOD, get it while its still there!
  11. Mr_Sheep

    Being accused of cheating...

    Don't worry! they don't accept player reports anyway, they leave it up to that "working" anti cheat they have.
  12. Mr_Sheep

    Can you get banned for the factory glitch ??

    No they wont ban you as we are Beta testers, testing this lovely broken game.
  13. Mfw the BSG crew delete all the posts regarding Necuja

    1. Frantic