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  1. EFT book

    Maybe in the future they might release a book, but i hope they are spending their time fixing the game as i think a book should be at the bottom of the to do list.
  2. In Game Gift Question

    This was the new year gift i believe, you would get a decked out M4 and Ak and a item case that you can store stuff in.
  3. Fair matching players

    Hello @AngryAsBear The Devs have said that they will not add a system like this, as they want a hardcore game. Now this is my opinion but if a system like this was added it would take out a bit of the fun as i like to fight against geared people and killing hatching's with my grenades, its the joy of going into battle not knowing who and what you are going to face. Also nothing is wrong with going into a raid with an axe as i get a lot of satisfaction when i kill a player with my axe who was an M4
  4. NO HACK

    This was a bug. And we are aware of the sound bug and it will be fixed.
  5. i want compensated

    Sorry but you wont get any compensation. Please report bugs here Locked.
  6. Gun Glitch Fixed?

    Yes it has been fixed. Also in future don't post videos on how to exploit bugs. Locked.
  7. You alive :3

    1. Mike28


      yeah lol

      How's it going?

  8. How to report?

    Locked. Also please do not name shame as this will cause nothing but problems. Thanks SSIXS
  9. Locked. Please use the search function in the future.
  10. Honestly BSG

    It will be fixed in time so do not worry.
  11. Pre-built pc opinions

    Yea its still powerful but 32 is always better :3 Also the other thing that is wrong with it is that its windows 10
  12. Hack


    Locked. We not accept player reports at this time, if he is cheating then the Anti cheat will ban him. Also do not name shame as it starts a witch hunt and no good will come to it. In the future you should use the search function.
  14. Can't Extract!!

    Locked. Issue solved.
  15. Cheating too rampant, especially @ Factory

    Locked. At the end of the day the anti cheat will ban anyone that cheats. Also please refrain from name shaming i have edited out names as it just starts a witch hunt and we don't want that.
  16. Scav spawrn

    Locked. Wrong section. Please make sure you post in the right section.
  17. Accepting a gifted copy

    You could just email him the exe file for the launcher
  18. Please add games without losing items on death

    I really do not think a thing like this will ever be added into the game as the Devs want a hardcore game.
  19. RSASS glitching

    Locked. This issue was fixed.
  20. 2018 Escape from Tarkov development plans

    Thanks for all the hard work BSG
  21. player trade

    Hello @afk-47 we have two places you can trade which is here in this thread And we also have a discord where you can trade stuff too.
  22. Let ME TELL U A JOKE

    Let me tell you a joke, THIS THREAD, there is no need for it. If you use the search function you can find a thread that has a list of players banned by our anti cheat. So it does work.
  23. Any one hear anything about..

    Locked. Question answered
  24. Group matching

    Locked. It's been brought up before. The devs (and anyone who thinks it through at all) are adamantly against it.
  25. Skier Bug

    Normally the fix is go into a game and get some xp and extract and you should be fine.