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  1. Needing new chill members to join 18 + profered

    rookie player from germany, 44 years and really want to get some squad action going.
  2. would love to join your discord and play in a squad. Just bought the game, but eager to learn! PM would be nice, cheers guys!
  3. Yellow Ants - YA - Mature unit looking for like minded people: +18

    Just downloaded the game and looking for people to play tactical with. I am VERY Team oriented and willing to learn. Would love to join your group and get a PM from you guys
  4. Older Aged Players Alliance

    Hey Guys, 44 year old dude from Germany, just started to play. Would love to join your group and play some squad games, as playing alone is pretty hard ;-) Been gaming since 30+ years or so, recently playing PUBG and Ghost War, if I can find the time. would be great to hear from you guys, cheers!