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  1. Next Wipe

    Highly doubt they will have one here too soon, considering we just had one not too long ago, but who knows?
  2. Scavs SHOULD NOT be allowed

    I can wait for the BEAR vs USEC vs SCAV days, I enjoy the free for all, because I know right now anything that moves I can shoot it. Pesky bush Scavs are everywhere. As for the Scavs having to loot and escape on to the other side of the map, I do not agree with, but I do agree that it should not be where they start also. It should be easy enough for people like rocketjockeyr6 who have lost almost everything and want to try to get some decent gear. With that said it should be difficult enough also that p-scavs who run to get rare loot will have to fight to get out. I trust the devs will figure out a good solution to this, as of right now they have not made any choices that I whole heartily disagree with, maybe things I don't like, but none the less nothing I hate. As for now, just try to enjoy the game and kill all the damn scavs you see.