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  1. Tactical_Fister

    Magazine fast loaders

    That's a negative. It was only a patch or so ago when they got rid of the magically teleporting bullets into your magazine crap. Now people are wanting it back in some form. Here's a solution for you. Carry more magazines.
  2. Tactical_Fister

    SV-98 3 Chestshots on UNTAR still not execute the enemy

    Oh boy, another 'my knowledge of firearms comes from Call of Duty' post.
  3. Tactical_Fister

    Opt in Karma system

    It's actually really nice to see someone come up with a cohesive idea for something like this. Great work man.
  4. Tactical_Fister

    Adding a MAG SPEED LOADER into the game

    I wouldn't say so, I preferred loading my magazines by hand personally.
  5. Tactical_Fister

    Suggestion for PMCs with low Karma

    Can only speak for myself here, But anytime I go into a Raid, unless I'm doing a quest, my entire goal is to do a Search in Destroy mission. While I think this is a good idea, the way the game is currently setup (all players looking the same) that makes it challenging to be done effectively. Not to mention, There would need to be a way for players to build Karma in order to counteract the effects of the proposal. Additionally, For 'collecting' the bounty, I'd recommend making it a requirement for the players to acquire the targets tags, However you can't put said tags in a Safe box, they must remain on your character. Meaning if another guy caps you, he can claim the tags for the bounty.
  6. Tactical_Fister

    5.56x45mm M855A1 needs to be buffed

    Mild steel isn't the same as properly treated steel or strike plates.
  7. Tactical_Fister

    Adding a MAG SPEED LOADER into the game

    Just a question, Have you ever actually used a speed loader before? I'm not saying that as a criticism, but the things are an absolute pain in the ass. I believe it's just fine the way it is, the issue is people have this objection to carrying a proper amount of magazines into a raid. For example, my standard 'raid' load is x5 30 round magazines and a x1 60 round magazine. Never had any issues running out of 'loaded' ammo during a raid, even after multiple gunfights. I'd say the biggest thing is people are afraid to bring the needed extra magazines in to survive multiple firefights. Never seen anyone use, or even have a 'speed loader' while Active duty, The military solution is to carry extra ammunition, I'm not saying 'speed loaders' don't exist, I'm saying i've never actually seen them used. I've only ever seen people use them at the range, nowhere else. You're absolutely right in mentioning ammo management. My Real life 'patrol' kit was 8 Magazines in my vest, 1 in the rifle, and 12 easily available in my ruck sack, along with a 200 round nut sack of linked 5.56. And you wouldn't believe how quickly you can burn through all of that in a gunfight. Just my few cents.
  8. Tactical_Fister

    IRL Firearms thread

    I've been very fortunate in that I've found some really spanken good deals. Old guy's at gun shows are where the money's at. I've seen some of CMMG's product, have a few buddies who bought the Mutant and have heard mixed things about it, most of the problems could be resolved by proper training because my circle of shooters are all AR guys so the AK portions of it feel weird.
  9. Tactical_Fister

    Suggestion: Compulsory Foregrip

    Technically you could, but the Consequence would be both atrocious accuracy, and consistency in followup shots.
  10. Tactical_Fister

    IRL Firearms thread

    I want to lay a few ground rules folks. 1) Nothing illegal, If you're uploading personally owned firearms, Don't upload anything that is illegal in your resident country. 2) Regardless of your political stance on firearms, this isn't the place for arguing about it. 3) Be kind, respectful and enjoy the party. Rock River Arms AR-15: 14.5" barrel with pinned muzzle device Aimpoint PRO Magpul bits and bobs including BUIS on rear IR Illium/standard illum Flashlight with pressure sensor. Springfield M1A L1A1 FN FAL Para.
  11. Tactical_Fister

    Suggestion: Compulsory Foregrip

    While a good general concept. I think it should be dependent on the rail length. Obviously a carbine length rail system is going to be far more compact than a rifle length rail system. Assuming they ever add 18" + barrels into game for the M4 platform, I think it should not suffer such drawback. But on the present 16" and 10" absolutely. I.E Most ''standard' AR Platforms have a 6.75" quad rail, in that instance I completely agree, For visual demonstration, and general information for people who aren't as aware as to what OP or myself are talking about. below are two pictures of my current AR's. First picture is a 10" rail (only top and bottom) The Second photo, you're standard 'run of the mill' 6.75" rail system. It's important for people who're unfamiliar with rail systems, the more compact your equipment is (see bottom photo), the less space you have to actually grip the firearm. Note that the Left mounted light, prevents a proper 'thumb over bore' grip, That's what Predator is referring to.
  12. Tactical_Fister

    Knife dmg too low, unbalanced between hatchet

    It's hardly trolling, frankly it's a statement of fact. You do realize exactly how hard it is to kill people with a knife right? Because unless you hit an artery or vein you're just poking holes in a oversized water balloon. The simple fact of the matter is Knives have a lot of things NOT going for them when it comes to a scuffle. The fact that a Hatchet does more damage is simply a factor of design differences between the two types of weapons. A knife, unless purpose built for it, is often used as a tool rather than a weapon. Because legitimate good quality fighting knives are few in number and require a lot of training to properly use. The bottom line is this: A Hatchet is a heavier weapon, has greater surface area, a larger strike surface, and greater force behind it), You don't thrust with Hatchets you swing. Knives are obviously lighter, faster, however unless you're thrusting with it, you're not actually very likely to kill someone. Meaning you have to close hella distance. So contrary to what you believe, The game is realistic. Because slashes are unlikely to kill someone. Thrust are what are more likely to kill someone. Keep Knives where they're at. Tomahawks are simply the better option. The solution is simple. Swipe a tomahawk off a dead guy, and replace your knife.
  13. Tactical_Fister

    Suggestion: Shotgun Shell Reloading

    I support item 2.
  14. Tactical_Fister

    Backpacks realistic modification

    Well also in Real life I can cram WAYYY more poo into a backpack than I can in Tarkov. 12 Magazines and 3,000 rounds of linked 7.62 in addition to all the other crap.
  15. Tactical_Fister

    Knife dmg too low, unbalanced between hatchet

    First rule to winning a knife fight. Bring a Gun.