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  1. Tactical_Tracke

    Stealth kills and CQC

    Realistic, Doctoral solution to CQC. Done in two easy steps Step 1: Create Distance Step 2: Shoot the guy It doesn't warrant an entire system that'll take six months to work out.
  2. Tactical_Tracke

    Armor in a good place. Just make Fort harder to get.

    You can't look at losing fort as a single item. You have to look at the implication of losing the Fort, plus everything with it. I don't know anyone who doesn't run fort without a FAST MT, upper end rifle (M4/AK/VAL/RSASS) and all the goodies.
  3. Tactical_Tracke

    Squad Transportation Cost

    You realize that Tarkov designed with Squad gameplay in mind right?
  4. Tactical_Tracke

    Removing Dependency of Automatic fire

    Single most intelligent thing you've said so far, No PMC's aren't Special Forces. In fact the vast majority of them are support personnel. They're incredibly few that actual work in Security roles. And judging from the state of Tarkov, the vast majority of PMC's present within the region would be support personnel. I did ignore the MP5, simply because that's not the primary problem within Tarkov. You can keep up your ignorant attempts to jest and troll. But the bottom line is it's easily proved, And you know that. But you can continue with your obnoxious attempts.
  5. Tactical_Tracke

    Removing Dependency of Automatic fire

  6. Tactical_Tracke

    Removing Dependency of Automatic fire

    Yep, totally a child who weighs 120 pounds with 40% body fat. And totally have no experience with automatic weapons. Not as if I'm active duty military or anything. And if you're going to try and show video's as evidence. Don't show footage from where the most renown shooters in the world go to shoot. Not to mention that he didn't hit anywhere near 80% of his shots. in fact he barely made half on paper.
  7. Tactical_Tracke

    Changes to the IFAK

    The healing part is the issue, IT should function solely as a fancy bandage. The intent behind changing it to a container, Is it could have for example, x2 bandages, x1 painkiller, and x1 AI-2. Functioning as an 'oh god i'm about to die' kit.
  8. Tactical_Tracke

    Changes to the IFAK

    The larger issue, Is that IFAK's aren't being used for their intended purpose. To draw a parallel, It'd be like the game modeling a Shotgun with slugs, a scope and claiming it's a 'rifle'. The purpose of IFAK's isn't an 'oh poo spam to survive gunfight', but rather. 'I'm already out of the fight, this is so i don't bleed to death as quickly'.
  9. Tactical_Tracke

    Changes to the IFAK

    The Marine Corps, Army (and presumably other branches as well) All use a similar, if not the same, setup on their IFAK's. It varies between individual unit SOP on exact contents, however the contents are fairly standardized. For example: US Army IFAK's include the following, forgive me if i miss something: Sterile, powederless gloves, An Israeli Bandage, Compression Gauze, Tourniquets (another thing that should be in game but i digress), an NPA, Chest Decompression needle, Medical tape, and a few other compressed bandages and gauze. The intent of an IFAK is for the person who's been injured (owner of the IFAK) to, if possible, render self aid in the event their wounded, and for other people to use their IFAK to render aid. Aid usually consist of slapping on a tourniquet, compression bandages or a chest seal until the wounded individual can get proper medical care.
  10. Tactical_Tracke

    Removing Dependency of Automatic fire

    I'd personally disagree individually with the stamina system comment, as it's very difficult to properly implement. I do however, think that increasing strength and endurance skills could be constructed in a very different manner where you don't have a guy in 100+ pounds of gear Usain Bolting his way across the map.
  11. Tactical_Tracke

    Changes to the IFAK

    Currently within Tarkov, IFAK's are presently the mid-to-late game 'go-to' in regards to treatment of the variety of gunshot wounds players suffer. I however, would like to propose an alternative option. IFAK's currently in real life, vary widely in what they actually contain depending on what the user's intended role is. But the bottom line is it's intent is to plug holes, and help keep the patient alive for that 'golden hour'. My suggestion: Turn the IFAK into a container similar to the Wallet, however rather than having four squares connected, individually sectioned off, That way the player can include things like Painkillers and bandages. But additionally, adjust it so the player is still able to hotkey the meds in the IFAK while on the player's kit. I.E Not in a backpack or safebox. Just looking for an overall opinion.
  12. Tactical_Tracke

    Removing Dependency of Automatic fire

    Tarkov, Like many video games. While striving to achieve a feel of realism, Also chooses to ignore certain aspects for the sake of game play purpose. Statement 1: Professional forces do not train to fire on automatic with their primary service rifle, It's inaccurate, exhausts a significant amount of ammunition and can be very detrimental to the longevity of the firearm. In terms of Doctrine, Automatic fire is purely used to suppress the enemy, in order to enable proper fire and maneuver. In the current state of the game, The first step of many players is to switch their selector switch from 'semi' to 'fun' mode. Statement 2: Automatic Fire is incredibly inaccurate, Even with 'intermediate' and pistol cartridges. It's incredibly difficult to sustain accurate fire on a target. Even with modifications designed to attempt to facilitate accurate fire, often times they fail significantly. Statement 3: Due to the prior two statements, Firefights and Tarkov devolve into three factors. Rate of Fire, Ammunition choice, and ammunition profile. For example, your top tier weapons, the M4A1, and VSS/A VAL, have 850 and 900 rpm respectively, have superb ammunition choices and do considerable damage due to the first two mentioned categories. Proposed Solution: Dramatically increase the recoil for every weapon in game when being used in a sustained fire function. In doing this, force players to adopt far more realistic play styles in regards to their tactics, additionally this would close the capability gap between weapons such as the Vepr, SKS, M-1A ect. And in the future when more semi-automatic only firearms are added (several have already been confirmed). This increases the validity of what are often considered 'Early game' weapons, and would further create plausible reasons for players to consider using them once they reach upper echelon of play. As the player levels up their mastery level on the individual weapon, and recoil control. These effects would decrease. Change to the weapon durability system: Rather than the overall weapon having a durability rating, give the barrels for weapons (or upper receivers) their own durability level. Similar to how Face shields interact with helmets. Upon the barrel's durability degrading, significant problems would start to occur, and eventually ending, in extreme cases, with a catastrophic failure that could injure or kill the operator. In addition to implementing this, Increase the 'damage' that sustained automatic fire (over the course of a match(s)) cause. Forcing players to choose between spraying and praying, or actually acting like a professional trained force as the Tarkov backstory has lead us to believe. Summery: It is in my personal opinion, That due to the nature of Shooter video games, and by extension realism based shooters, that automatic fire is the automatically chosen option, simply due to the mechanics in place. However as Tarkov is striving to reach a field of realism, I believe there should be further emphasize on tactical gameplay rather, for example, the absolute Charlie Fox trots that close quarters and even medium range maps suffer from where you have people mag dumping one individual and suffering zero problems from recoil. In changing a few mechanics of how Tarkov is currently played, You create an environment where more thought out, tactical gameplay is emphasized, rather than the current 'Find the boom stick with highest RoF and best ammunition' state the game currently sits in. Again this is my personal opinion, and I by no means claim to represent the overall opinion of over players in the game. I'm open to comments, questions and concerns.
  13. Tactical_Tracke

    American Armor

    What dark recesses did you pull the ACH being able to stop 7.62 at close range from?
  14. Tactical_Tracke

    Magazine fast loaders

    That's a negative. It was only a patch or so ago when they got rid of the magically teleporting bullets into your magazine crap. Now people are wanting it back in some form. Here's a solution for you. Carry more magazines.
  15. Tactical_Tracke

    SV-98 3 Chestshots on UNTAR still not execute the enemy

    Oh boy, another 'my knowledge of firearms comes from Call of Duty' post.