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  1. Official Trading Thread

    Selling 2 markd keys
  2. Trading Discord?

    Any good discords for tradiong out there?
  3. MPX-SD+Makarov stolen on factory lmfao ^^

    Hehe, we have all been there!
  4. New Year Event in Escape from Tarkov

    Says nothing about wipe... but great work!
  5. Keybar/Docs bag for sale on EU

    Its pinned in this section. You should use the thread below or reddit.
  6. MPX-SD+Makarov stolen on factory lmfao ^^

    Its cute to see that certain people apperciate loot so much❤️
  7. extract camping nicks

    Just throw a nade in, 50% of the scavs drops one in the pockets so they sre easy to find. Its annoying yes, but you can easily combat them.
  8. Killed by Hacker

    Let’s just hope they fix some damn good anti cheat asap. I’m getting killed once or twice a day by hackers and it sucks. The biggest problem is the ESP hack, because its insanely hard to be caught with it and so easy to get killed by it.

    But if everything like the how many slots the weapons will take changes, wont that require a wipe? What is my inventory is already full?

    Its going to be a wipe when open beta comes.

    I've heard so many rumors now about the wipe, is there anything confirmed at all? Will it be in 2017? or sometime in 2018?
  12. BigTibbz & Krazed | The big scam

    yeah, nah, it was 2-3.
  13. BigTibbz & Krazed | The big scam

    Hello, I got insanely messed over by two people that let me into their team which I played with almost every day for two weeks. I decided to upgrade my account to EOD and Tibbz was supposed to help me transfer my stuff which we did. Right after I got bannes from their Discord and everywhere else. Im not hurt by this at all, I just hope that this not is a thing, that loothungry people to do earn gear. I really dont want this game to turn into some DayZ game where you can’t trust anyone. Even tho I can’t get why someone does this for 3million roubles and some keys, not worth it. Watch out if they invite you to their little clan and scam you too.
  14. Surrond Sound not working | Siberia 840

    I just bought a new headset and returned the 840. Everything is fine now. I still want to thank you all for the help, much apperciated This can be closed.