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  1. UI for mixing ammo types [Graphic Examples]

    Forgot to mention that bullet order would repeat itself from the top first bullet all the way to the last.
  2. UI for mixing ammo types [Graphic Examples]

    Hey guys! I also made a blueprint how bullets could be mixed. I find it pretty simple and basic. 1. Put which ammo you want in the mix (make sure you have enough) 2. Select order and amount 3. Put empty mag in 4. MIX In that way you can just switch empty mags and fill a couple of them at the same order. Cheers!
  3. Suggestions for Dev's

    Hey guys, I hope that you take a couple of minutes and read the whole text in which I wrote a couple of ideas and thoughts about EFT and I'll try to be short as possible. I love the game, I recommend it to every gamer I know (and even to guys I don't know that well) and this is the game that a lot of people was waiting for. Especially players who love tactics, weapons and realistic hardcore First Person Shooters. I know that game is still in beta and thing will change and this is written only in the purpose of making the game even more better for everyone. Let's start: 1. Currently, the spawns are a little bit to close, especially on woods. It would be good if you delete a few of them or make them more apart because sometimes guys spawned in the middle spawnshave a difficult time defending themself's and it's position. They also get pushed from both sides and if someone is playing solo raid, he is in especially difficult situation. 2. Due to loading times players enter the game seven or even eight minutes after the game starts and kill players that advanced more in front. There shouldn't be any more PMC spawns when game starts. Who's in, it's in and that's done. 3. Scavs shouldn't spawn when the PMC is near the scav spawn. That just doesn't make any sense. You scan the area and it's clear just to be shoot by spawned scav a couple second's later. I personally got killed a few times by spawned scav behind me and I can't say that I didn't kill other players like that too. 4. I don't know how good is the idea that you have all your gear available for purchase on max level traders. I'm saying that because when player have all weapons, gear and equipment on it's disposal to buy anytime he wishes, game goes to stale and player lose that feeling of excitement when he finds or loots a valuble piece of weapon or equipment that he can't buy anywhere. I mean, when you have everything you want, what else is there, right? Let there be a couple of weapons or gear that can be only looted in Weapon Creates which loot is randomly generated. That way, players will have even more goals that will drive them to explore and combat other players that want to loot the same crates. But don't make only one "valuable" crate on the map because that will make chaos on one place and everything would be over in a couple of minutes (don't want to even talk about campers waiting). Diversify thecrates throught the map and let algorithm do it's work. 5. I'm guessing that a lot of people is asking for you to add skins to the game. Add some skins BUT please, I beg you, don't put in the game skins that will make PMC's look like running clowns or puppets with colored masks and shiny weapons. Hold on to the pure serious military game style and make skins that really suits up to EFT and keep that profesionalism in the game. Rainbow Six Siege started with pure tactics and real operators but now is just who looks more fancy and glowy...terrible.... Didn't even thought about RS6 since I installed EFT. Skins should look like military grade camoflouge or paint. I know that large mass of young players will ask for all kind's of skins but stay consistent to the original game blueprint and don't fail your fans that are with you from the start. True, sales numbers will be lower but you will have a strong fan base that will support you all the way in the future and will buy DLC's (if you planning on adding them) without any thinking or doubt in it's mind. 6. I read about upcoming grenade launcher. Wouldn't that be a little bit OP when firing grenades from one spawn to another because they are too close? Woods again... 7. I've read that you plan to connect all of the maps into one open world. In one way this is just astonishing and in the I'm saying that hm because I don't know what time limit will be set in open world and if there will be any time limit. If there won't be any time limit it would be great if player will need to eat and drink while they play or wait in an ambush which seems kind of realistic don't you think? Thing that botters me is that a player with maxed metabolism (if I'm correct) don't need to eat or drink anymore. That doesn't make any sense. Even Michael Jordan need's to eat and drink. 8. Put a big room in the Hideout which contains glass cases with shiny lights in which players can put their weapons for a showcase. I would love to have a whole room with walls or closets filled with guns and gear. EXTRA - Maybe it would be nice if you put a wall in the armory or shooting range that can hold a lot of weapons so the player can pick his weapon for the raid from that wall. 9. Started to play Tarkov when the timer was still on 90 minutes or more and I loved it. Had time to observe my surroundings and play tactical and slow. Now with 50 minutes I feel kind of rushed?? It's not a problem to advance in middle speed paste but I'm constantly worried about players spawning late behind me and taking me down. These were just propisitions and I'm open for any other ideas....