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  1. Older Aged Players Alliance

    Well hell guess I'm out only 37. Anyways imma old soul not on tweeter facebook and other social media. Have my own problems to deal with. Right now I'm a laid-off union painter til the spring so winter is when I game. Luv gaming shooters just hate joining this groups like u said they expect you to do stuff and I don't wanna play with these raging kids. plus I have a prudy bad hillbilly accent and they make fun or just cant understand me lol.
  2. Official Trading Thread

    trade done did
  3. Older Aged Players Alliance

    is this how I join? new at this stuff.
  4. Official Trading Thread

    WTT marked key for kiver.
  5. hacker?

    just to let ya know. I got one tap by a player scav n the head by a shotgun. had on a kiver. no health lost. I was also playing as a scav and didn't shoot at any other scavs.
  6. BUGGED qeust delivery from the past

    this is happening to me. except factory times is stuck and wont let me enter factory now?
  7. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    24Rebel34#0324 pls verify
  8. The traders aren't correctly refreshing

    605in me to death then kicks me out for good and lose the loot