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  1. I thing the Gaming industry all together should go with a lawsuits against Cheats Developers, because they’re making Gaming Studio loose tons of monney not only on sales but they have to work hours to try countering dose cheats in there games.

    The gaming industry is so big,  that they could do something about it.

    If Cheat developers would know they could get a 200 000$ pursuit they would think about it, right now it’s like a Cat and mouse run.

    A glitch, it would be to the Game Devs to fix it, thats normal.



    1. mrnewbie3127


      i agree , it gives games bad rep , its spoils the game for rest of , i know blizzard went after one of  the cheat makers a few years back and won 

  2. mrnewbie3127

    Combat stutter

    this happens even when walking about , micro stutters , combat sometimes is up to 1 second every couple of seconds , strange thing is it isnt all the time every raid , could happen for 3-4 raids then nothing for a raid or 2 , very odd and inconsistent for me someone suggested it might be loading in dead bodies but even in the areas the micro stutters appear there are no bodies for hundreds of meters in any direction . my system is not the issue as recent upgrade to i7 7800x , 16gb 3000mhz ddr4 , 1070 (waiting for the new line of gpus for upgrade) game is intalled on m2 drive , os on a separate m2 drive ,
  3. mrnewbie3127

    this will split the player community.

    the soon er they add the supposed medical system the better , this game cant carry on being soft core cod / fortnite / pubg, running around with broken legs and arm,s with no effects really hardcore ,not
  4. mrnewbie3127

    "Improved Shoreline"

    last gen pcs running unoptimised games in development always struggle , players running older tech will have to wait until the game is at release and fully optimised to get the performance they need for an enjoyable experience , this isnt about the older tech wont run the game well ,its older tech always struggles with unoptimised game ( usually game that are still in development ) go look at every games forums that has been in an open beta / alpha stage its the same story over and over , there has been a definate performance increase over the last few patches .so player need to be more patient , they were the ones that signed up a unfinished game and were warned about the games bugs , performance etc when they purchased the game .making post after post about shitty frames isnt going to make the devs optimise any faster
  5. mrnewbie3127

    "Improved Shoreline"

    i would imagine it would be your hardware or something not configured properly , i personally have not experienced any drops in fps or performance over the past few patches , in fact i have been able to run at higher settings with higher frames and more consistency with average frames of 60-69 across the board . im not saying it will always be down to poor hardware as there is such a vast array of different hardware configurations out there , but having 3-4 year old hardware most certainly wont be helping . those games are complete and optimised , EFT isn't complete or optimised, u want to run beta unoptimised games on older hardware u will always find lower performance , as higher spec machines can help make up for the sloppier unoptmised code ,
  6. mrnewbie3127

    "Improved Shoreline"

    and there is the problem too many people still have potato pcs they think there 3-4 year old i5s and nvidia 970s are still good machines , wake up people your low - mid range pc is not going to run an unoptimised beta with good frame rates ,go play a finished optimised product if u want good frame rates .. stop moaning about a game that is stiil in BETA and NOT fully optimised , tldr stop blaming the game , look at your hardware .
  7. does it not get reviewed after initial ban ? or is the auto ban final ?
  8. no anti cheat that i have heard of autobans , accounts are always reviewed by a human before the final ban hammer is dropped to confirm actual cheat use and not just a false positive ,
  9. mrnewbie3127

    Limit fps to 60

    the problem is too i agree ,but the problem is players get upset at anything less than 60fps , even though a constant non changing 30 fps would deliver a smooth richer experience , than all the jumping about in frames from 80 in one area to 35 in another
  10. mrnewbie3127

    Grass is growing on my nerves

    which is kind of funny as almost all players on steam forums that complain about fps , also claim to have 1080ti's , which if believed throws the survey out the window , nice to see the survey makes me realise what lengths players go to to try to make a point even lying about hardware in their machines.. back on topic , i agree these sorts of game should not have the ability for players to turn down / off foilage or reduce draw distance of them , i understand that players would need good rigs to run the game but just because you have a low rig shouldnt give u an advantage because of it
  11. mrnewbie3127

    Trader Price Per Slot

    very useful , will help me decide what to throw or keep as i go around looting , thanks for this
  12. mrnewbie3127

    People that glitch their weapons should be banned

    why have u posted this in beta forums and here , ???
  13. mrnewbie3127

    Customs Map not Designed too well

    i dont think its badly designed , its just that everyone chooses it as spawn entrance .. needs to have a limit once x amount of players have chosen it as spawn the remainder can only spawn on other side of map ..
  14. mrnewbie3127

    Player kill list question marks?

    u didnt collect their dogtags so u wont know who they are ...
  15. mrnewbie3127

    New 4K monitor broke the game for me.

    u wont get anywhere close to constant 60 fps @4k without a 1080 or higher , and new i5/i7coffee lake processors , also u should be using display port cable for 4k not hdmi , so maybe that might be your problem.