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  1. Limit fps to 60

    the problem is too i agree ,but the problem is players get upset at anything less than 60fps , even though a constant non changing 30 fps would deliver a smooth richer experience , than all the jumping about in frames from 80 in one area to 35 in another
  2. Grass is growing on my nerves

    which is kind of funny as almost all players on steam forums that complain about fps , also claim to have 1080ti's , which if believed throws the survey out the window , nice to see the survey makes me realise what lengths players go to to try to make a point even lying about hardware in their machines.. back on topic , i agree these sorts of game should not have the ability for players to turn down / off foilage or reduce draw distance of them , i understand that players would need good rigs to run the game but just because you have a low rig shouldnt give u an advantage because of it
  3. Trader Price Per Slot

    very useful , will help me decide what to throw or keep as i go around looting , thanks for this
  4. People that glitch their weapons should be banned

    why have u posted this in beta forums and here , ???
  5. Customs Map not Designed too well

    i dont think its badly designed , its just that everyone chooses it as spawn entrance .. needs to have a limit once x amount of players have chosen it as spawn the remainder can only spawn on other side of map ..
  6. Player kill list question marks?

    u didnt collect their dogtags so u wont know who they are ...
  7. New 4K monitor broke the game for me.

    u wont get anywhere close to constant 60 fps @4k without a 1080 or higher , and new i5/i7coffee lake processors , also u should be using display port cable for 4k not hdmi , so maybe that might be your problem.
  8. shoreline map??

    the tunnel and road to customs are the only 2 that are always open , so depending on which side of map u spawn u will get one or the other . the other extractions signified by a question mark ,are only available at certain times and will generally only allow 1-2 persons to extract so if they dont work for u either some has already used it , or they are just not active at the time u want them . you post seems to imply that u think there are more than 2 permannently open extractions , having a map wont give u any more
  9. Non-updated graphics card

    how old?, if its no longer supported by amd ,i'm guessing it wont be supported by the devs in this game either. .time to upgrade if you want to continue gaming, especially more advanced newer games
  10. My reaction when returning to this game.

    tbo u are talking a load of crap , it's not his fault , never in 25 years of gaming / computer use have i ever installed a game / program and had an entire drive wiped by it so it can install , if he selected his c:\ drive then the game should just install on the c drive not wipe it then install , try it with a random program just select c:/ as install path all it does or should do is install on c :\ creating the subfolders it uses on c:\ the problem if it wipes an entire drive is down the devs badly coded installer and to not have this fixed yet so it cannot happen shows how much the devs really care ,
  11. probably because pubg want to become and esport , where no third party addons are allowed period .
  12. New players

    Character name mrnewbie Description like the proverbial bear , hard rough looking on the outside , with a kind center His past betrayed too many times to be able to trust anyone , How did he get to Tarkov? woke up after a long weekend partying to find myself in this dammed place Predilections killing and violence of any kind Friends none Wounds, and battles none Aspirations to get out of this godforsaken place and retire The greatest achievement that character did returning a lost child to its family Strength 30 Endurance 25 Accuracy 25 Engineer
  13. About Data

    there will be a few more account wipes before release ,
  14. extended map time is not fun

    if u knew he was there then why didn't u try to kill him or slowly move / crawl to flank him or get away , this thread is silly , and makes no sense , 30 mins sitting in one spot knowing there was another player and where he is and doing nothing about it
  15. EXTREMELY dissapointed

    u bought the highest edition thinking that it was some sort of pay to win , that was your first mistake like the rest of us this game takes time to learn and to get even the slightest idea of where to go and what to do , it has a very steep learning curve that can only be overcome by playing a lot , play offline to learn the maps , look online for maps there are plenty of them that show u all exits etc , i will add that a popular streamer sequisha started a new game with the basic edition as he was pissed that people kept on about eod version being pay to win , guess what ? he is doing just as well with that edition as he was with the eod edition , eod is not pay to win and does not give any advantage at all in a raid , u will die and kill just as easily whatever edition u have