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  1. Should groups be matched with solo players ?

    After playing the game for a while you already know what to expect.
  2. Should groups be matched with solo players ?

    Some people are against the idea, but when the game fully releases on steam it will most likely attract a lot of people. And if the game has high enough player base it would make sense to have a matchmaking system similar to PUBG, where you can choose to go solo vs solo, solo vs duo, solo vs squad (4 people). That way you can still go alone vs teams or you can go only vs solo's. It also benefits teams, if i were to play with 3 other guys i'd rather have an epic battle versus other teams rather than a few solos whilst running and gunning.
  3. As a new player i'm getting frustrated by how extremely difficult it is for me to actually get some progress. I've got no issues getting loot and killing Scavs, but when it comes to other players i'm having a hard time. Most players i match with are lvl 15+, i'm sitting here lvl 3 with a broken akm and no armor matching against guys with high end gear. I've often gotten major advantages against players, shooting them countless times in the back only for them to turn around on 1 shot me in the face with their fancy scopes and ar rifles, ignoring all my damage because armor.. Now for the first time i manage to kill a player with armor + helmet, but i notice 2 other guys not far ahead rushing me for killing their friend. Which made me question the matchmaking of this game, should groups not only match with other groups for balance purposes ? It's frustrating for newer players to not only get matched against veterans but also groups of 2-3 guys. Which will most likely mean newer players will give up on this game sooner or later because they have no actual chance of getting any progress.