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    Shotgun breaching and breaching charges?

    it was during a live stream quite a while back when they were talking about breaching and flashing they mentioned a couple things about the hatchet i believe they also mentioned it in the 2016 dev report.
  2. dc13c16

    Shotgun breaching and breaching charges?

    Awesome good to know. I knew the ability to hack open doors with the hatchet was coming but heard nothing about this.
  3. The ability to breach doors by blast out the door jam with shotguns would be an awesome addition to the game and would be realistic representation of shotguns uses in a combat situations. As a real life squad role is the job of the breacher. Another great addition would be a breaching charge but id settle for just the shotgun breaching would be an awesome mechanic and would add some utility to the weapons outside of combat.
  4. dc13c16

    Master key door breaching?

    hello! will master key underslung shotguns be making their way into the game as well along side the m203??? also will you be able to breach doors with shotguns? if you do add this into the game it would be a really awesome feature and also probably the first and only game ever to do so which would be amazing.