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  1. Corbullo

    No control over character

    Feel yourself lucky, i have no control over my life.
  2. Corbullo

    Karma... Possible Issue?

    I think Karma system should give you an indicator, i don't mean a pulsating flashy icon but a red or white armband. Something that dosen't give your position away but easily noticable on sight. It could be any clothing i just think an armband wouldn't mess with character customization that much. Russian Zenit troops used this little trick to spot friendlies since they used afghan uniforms during Storm 333 and if its worked in real life i think it could work in this game too. My idea dosen't involve separating players which i think would be horrible thing since it would ruin realism and randomness.
  3. Corbullo

    Friendly Scavs

    A karma system could solve this, i don't mean separating players just some indicator that the player does blue on blue often. Like a red armband.
  4. Corbullo

    How do people see through walls and doors

    This can be hackers, but what's more likely that its a bug/glitch. Somehow NPC scavs can shoot through walls lately
  5. Corbullo

    Cannot log into account after BSOD

    Task manager - check running processes, stop EFT and try again.
  6. Corbullo

    Ak's being weird plzz help

    That's new, make sure to open a support ticket on https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/support/contact
  7. Corbullo

    Cannot log into account after BSOD

    Make sure you run as admin and firewall and anti virus programs don't block the launchers connection. Also try to run EFT from folder. If nothing is in the folder you need to reinstall.
  8. Corbullo

    Thank YOU ! Congratz !

    I had to read it three times to realise its not sarcasm. At this point it felt like desync is a game feature.
  9. Corbullo

    Invincible Bug

    Its a well a known bug that allows god mode for players. The devs already working on it.
  10. Corbullo

    What was the Official Announcement Trailer made in

    It was made with magic, and coffein
  11. Corbullo

    Losing Strength

    Skills will degrade when you don't use them for some time. After the elite skill you won't "forget" skills.
  12. Corbullo

    Issue with guns

    You should oppen a support ticket on https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/support/contact
  13. Corbullo


    Try not to die Die a lot
  14. Corbullo

    How does trading work between players?

    Also i would advise make trading on https://www.reddit.com/r/TarkovTrading/ , because if the traiding gone wrong and you have a picture proof or video the mods will ban the scammer/troll.
  15. Corbullo

    How does trading work between players?

    From the subreddit "Trading Currently, you will have to meet in game, I personally advise factory due to the fact that you can run to the extraction and trade right next to the extraction point relatively safely. Once you have decided on what time and place you will meet, go into a discord or teamspeak call together so it is easier to communicate and go into game with only the items you are trading, and if you can fit it in your secure container, do so. Once you meet up, if you are doing multiple items (IE. 100k Roubles for a factory Key) then you would drop 50k, they would give you the key and you would give them the other 50k. It requires a level of trust, at the end of the day, it is an in game item."