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    Raider grenades.

    Raider grenade throws are ridiculously accurate, had one spot me through the gap beneath the desks in the arsenal room and chuck a grenade that went 2 inches in front of my face and killed me and my friend who was in the doorway of security post room, it detonated before i even had time to finish standing up. Their insane aim and the ongoing issue of raiders and scavs not making a pin pull noise when they throw a grenade make this extremely frustrating and impossible to counter.
  2. TheKildar

    Prapor task 4 (Delivery from the past) question

    This is a terrible change, i remember in the past being able to make as many attempts as you wanted so now after spending hours trying to get out of customs alive with the docs i go to factory with just a pistol and die and then try again only to realize i have to go back to the beginning, this is incredibly frustrating and nearly enough to make me stop playing the game altogether after all the time i just wasted.