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  2. Bigfry's Escape From Tarkov Video's

    And Im known to correct in future videos when things get fixed. I'd gladly advertise devs doing good things. Never got the chance though.
  3. Regarding Posting Gameplay on YouTube

    You are still under an NDA. Those who post Youtube content, do not have the watermark on their screen! Good call on asking before getting yourself banned!
  4. a question about refunds

    How so? If a store has a "No Return" Policy, you abide by that. What makes you think this is any different (Genuinely asking, sorry if it sounds confrontational)
  5. a question about refunds

    This could leave your account blacklisted though. On top of that, you are suggesting to him to break TOS.
  6. Before people jump down my throat, I've done everything that has been linked here, including whitelisting the email address and messaging the specific moderators. Its been 3 days. I've been charged on my credit card, my profile has a copy purchase on it and I haven't even received an email confirming it. I purchased a copy at the end of December and received the emails no problem. The purchase on Jan 8 is just nowhere to be found. Id like this resolved as soon as we could. Thank you!
  7. Hello kwahamoT,

    I purchased an EOD Gift edition on January 7th,2016 to give away to my chat on Twitch.

    I purchased the game, and never received an Email confirming payment, or anything. It was charged, and my profile says I have a transaction on January 7th.

    I'm unsure what to do, as I am now out $140 on the gift.

    Any way I can get this resolved?

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    2. Bigfry


      I still haven't received anything. Can you send it to that alternate email I have provided?

    3. Kwahamot
    4. Bigfry


      So, I clicked the transaction from 6 days ago.... No Email came through...

      I clicked the transaction from my original purchase a year ago in Jan, 2016, and I received an email.

      What is going on? It's not my email obviously. It's something on your guys end. Is there any OFFICIAL Support I can talk to to get this solved? Ridiculous

  8. This is the post I have been waiting for. I know that you guys KNOW that the servers are overloaded, and I'm glad to hear that its being addressed. I definitely get frustrated at times, but I understand the end game. This is going to be the game that sets a standard for Indie Developers, and change the landscape of Survival PVP games. Thank you BSG for the unbelievable polish that has been done. Hope you guys find a little time during this stress test to be with family! Cheers!
  9. My apologies. I was definitely frustrated about the NDA yesterday. Forgot I posted this. this is why I don't do forums lol
  10. Thats one thing I will say about these Devs. Even though the product looks promising, and the future bright... They can't relay information for poo. "Extended Alpha coming in the next few days" - December 16th. Currently the 29th, and no new info. It HAS to be this week to make the end of the year, right? Just seems very strange to me
  11. New Year’s discount has begun!

    With that logic, nobody should ever discount anything in case it pisses off the early supporters. I for one am glad that more community people who just couldn't afford it, may be able to help test now!
  12. Ey man, we could use another outspoken person on the community discord. There are quite a bunch of people that cater to the senseless fanboys, and there are not enough of us guys that base our opinions on logic.

    The admin and mods will respect your opinions, and in now way will you get censored, that's a promise.

    @Frantic Could send you an invite if you're interested.

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    2. TheTrainStation


      I know, i know. But the discord community is nothing like that compared to this cesspool of utter stupidity.

      Any unpopular opinions gets driven right into the ground because fanboyism exists. Come on man, we'd really like to have you there. Anyone who attacks anyone on personal ground gets evicted from it anyways.


      Just think about it.
      We need clear headed people.

    3. TheTrainStation


      What thread btw? I'm too retarded to find it.

    4. Bigfry


      TrainStation, can you send me a new invite to that Discord?


      Also, the thread was locked by a mod before I even jumped in. From the private forums

  13. Alpha testing, first wave started!

    Just what we need... H-Hour players LOL
  14. Alpha testing, first wave started!

    I was asleep when the wave was sent, woke up to nothing
  15. Alpha testing, first wave started!

    I bought the game January 7th, and I didn't get anything lol. Edit: I guess an email wasn't sent, but I have access via my profile. Problem solved