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  1. Full auto on an assualt rifle, is only really useful, irl, close! In jungle warefare, the scouts will both have rifles switched to full auto.. if they see enemy first, they take aimed accurate shot's, then mag dump while rest o section moves up...(it tends to discourage enemy pushing up into their firing line.) If enemy see's them first, they spray in the hope o living.. or at least as they die they let rest o section know where enemy is.(first mag pure tracer) There was a term from counter ambush drills that comes to mind. "Turn and burn" Thats when full auto is the sop, odds are you are dead. Ive never used a sig-550. I dont consider the recoil from a styer in 5.56 as heavy... an fn fal is a beast... an uncontrollable beast.
  2. KingOchaos

    Mosin Price RANT

    its basically the equivalent of a .303 where i am... i swapped one to a mate for a 50g o tobbacco and two boxes o beer a few years ago... i thought i riped him off ;-)
  3. KingOchaos

    There are almost no hackers.

    Its certainly nothing like it was,,, but before that 1000 per ban wave, it was getting pretty bad.. now if you played through that without seeing hackers i would put that down to blissful ignorance, your survival in good gear then was a fraction of budget load out.
  4. KingOchaos

    Attention hatchlings!

    Ahahaha, your wiggle is no match for my m4!
  5. like someone threw a switch yesterday.... Its been so good last two weeks.. i just wish the anti cheat gave them arse cancer, i really do.
  6. KingOchaos

    Spawn Killing by Same Team

    There are rumors of a Karma system... one would assume aimed at squad on squad violence being implemented at some stage. Truth is in a fire fight, if yah squaded with more than two others, its 50/50 whether the other guys or yah own team frag yah any way... Its crazy the amount o times it happens.
  7. KingOchaos

    Blood of War from Ragman

    I did this mission god knows how many times till a caln mate filled me in on the secret.... They have to be done in order, so 1 tanker is beside complex, 2 tanker is at road block way out front, 3 tanker is power sub station... it makes a noise at end o timer when it counts, do it in wrong order it dosnt... also dont have beacons in yer gamma... and hold tongue out corner o mouth... just in case.
  8. KingOchaos

    Strange Raid Disconnects - Friends Report Similar

    Had two clan mates get disconnected simultaneously last might while in a fire fight... what are the odds o that... both killed before reconnect o course..
  9. KingOchaos

    Loss of weapons

    No, in a word. Its the risk that gives EFT its atmosphere. You need the gear fear, to make the raids exciting. I personally always run with fast and fort/m4 600+ rounds, NVG's if its dark etc... because ill take every advantage i can get. And i ve done this from the beginning, always the best gear i can afford... Its the best way to make money. But another fun way if yah want low risk, start as a hatchling, and only equip what yah gain in raid... can be fun, after a couple o raids yah generally fairly well geared.. and making money. I personally dont like playing as a scav, because i often get 201 error at end o raid, so dont get any gear from them, makes it pointless.
  10. KingOchaos

    Silencers are too quiet.

    They can do. Suppressors maintain a higher pressure behind round for that extra 20/30 cm than it would otherwise., they are venting the gas as the projectile passes the baffles, but it is still maintaining a higher pressure behind the round than it obviously would if you were not running one. It is in game as well, it increases velocity of round. It is fairly well established. But in my experience a suppressor still makes a huge difference irl with supers... a .223/5.56 sounds like a .22 (just a lil pop), a .270 30/06 etc sounds a bit like .223... which is a BIG differnce, but yea not silent.
  11. KingOchaos

    Fast MT

    No... unfortunately you dont. When you fire a rifle, there is an equal opposite reaction, the shooter is absorbing the same amount of energy in recoil as he is sending down range in the bullet... the difference is that the bullet transfers that energy into the target in a very small surface area over a very short time.. Now if you can spread that energy over a wider area and over greater time, It will hit no harder than recoil.... thats how physics works. So a plate carrier is very effective at stopping bullets as long as the plate stays intact, the same would go for that helmet, the breaking neck/ sending person flying is pure science fiction... it will hurt still, but if you can stop the bullet and spread the impact, they are very survivable, the same would go for that helmet in the video.(combat helmets don't rest against the head, they are the same as construction hard hats where they are suspended by netting away from the head)
  12. KingOchaos

    download speed

    i get this also, i can get around it with a vpn program.. its ip related, they dont like new zealanders apparently. change region to Sydney works for me. Ive tried direct downloading through browser as well. The only thing ive found that fixed it was masking my ip. I went through support, and ran traces on the connection, and explained fix to the support dude as well... i believe they know about it, and figure it will be fixed by torrents when they become available... but its definatly their end.
  13. KingOchaos

    how to fix a broken quest?

    the trick is it cant be a night factory, you have to survive and exit on the day one .... ha d this issue myself last patch
  14. KingOchaos

    5 nades at once

    I think its a glitch, if yah spam g it can throw more than one... though normally it drops one at the throwers feet... so not that great for thrower either
  15. KingOchaos


    I havnt been playing that long myself... but i just used these maps https://www.escapefromtarkovmaps.com/ and just minimised game to check my nav. They are not that big, and are pretty quick to memorize any way. I upgraded my version, so have a huge stash any way, but yes you can upgrade through buying crates etc. But one o the biggest advantages o the upgraded versions, is the larger lil safe crate you carry. But a bit o a noob myself.