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  1. salidin

    Can't play anymore - Motion sickness

    Never heard of motion sickness of low FPS. I get headaches from low FOV on games like this patch defaults my aspect ratio to 4:3 (really damn annoying) until I change it back to 21:9. Turn off head bobbing maybe if you're that sensitive?
  2. salidin

    Game crash question

    Your body stays there regardless. So if you got killed (most likely because when you crash you can re-join) you will only get back what they didn't take. If the server crashed it usually resets your inventory back to what you brought in with.
  3. salidin

    Escape from Hospital

    Need to integrate MGS3 medical system
  4. salidin

    dehydration is BS OP

    These mechanics are already in game, arm gets shot results in poor aim increase sway, legs get shot out 50% speed up to 80% speed, head damage/vision lost obscurity, so how is is any different then what already is in game beyond not having a chance to get out of a raid at a very slow rate but still a chance? If you don't drink water or if you get your stomach shot out should heavily limit your time within a raid it shouldn't mean instant death in a matter of minutes. This is thinking about the future that includes persistent stats and with the current decrease rate of hydration. Just out of curiosity have you even thought about the games energy meter? Ideally they should be similar if hydration consumption rate reflected the energy consumption rate it would be fine even with persistent stats I feel. Having to eat and drink every two raids or you will die or at the very least suffer the affects.
  5. salidin

    dehydration is BS OP

    That is exactly what I suggested, losing your ability to sprint and your speed coming down to a crawl like it does when you get your legs shot out that can't be "fixed" by taking painkillers, and if your stomach gets shot out and you drink .6 liters of water? Well I don't like trusting RNG to give me a pomjuice after 8 minutes or else I die and spam heal. Simply dying after 40 minutes real world; 1.6 hours in game is stupid especially when the persistent stats come into play. Length to zero should be reflected in game appropriately quadrupling the time you are required to drink or die. Depending on your activity water consumption should increase/decrease more so then it does now which is based on the amount of weight you carry and long burst sprints without fully recovering your stamina bar. The current system is not perfect it needs to be reworked and with the persistent stats coming; having to drink 2.2 liters every two hours is ludicrous when 2 liters is a daily requirement for a active individual and what is rationed to active soldiers.
  6. salidin

    dehydration is BS OP

    A human can survive days without water regardless how hard you work yourself. Lack of proper hydration will affect stamina, reflexes, strength, mental health etc as your body throttles itself attempting to maintain vital organs prevents you from doing several tasks. ~1.6 hours for every 40 minutes in a raid should not mean instant death. Instead it should have other downfalls which again once the persistent medical system is implemented should be one of the things you need to maintain like food as well. Plus the moment the medical system is implemented when you can no longer spam health like you can now you will have no chance to survive if you are more then 10 meters away from an extract.
  7. salidin

    HUGE FPS drops.. more than ever.

    With 16GB of ram you do not need it. I will never understand why this community is obsessed with that problem it does not resolve anything. But people think memory leak and read memory delete and assume it works. Until it clears a cache of memory being used and crashing your PC...
  8. salidin

    dehydration is BS OP

    How it currently Implemented it should slow your overall speed not kill you outright. Later however hydration should be one of the persistent medical factors you will need to maintain. Keeping it like it is now but make it so you will be dehydrated a very long time not 40 minutes. I would accept a more simple approach and tie it to the insurance timers requiring to eat and drink something in 3 days then you would get people complaining about how their character died because they were gone for 4 days.
  9. salidin

    Scav life 8 second

    Playing factory? Interchange is the best scav map because its so wide and people always forget or leave stuff where firefights go down.
  10. salidin

    Tarkov is not fun right now

    I dont rely on helmets I never buy em anymore lol. 7.62 isnt as powerful as it was before but still head shots are devastating they work against 545 as long as it's not BS. Altins is worthless right now imo to much negative and for little overall protection. 7.62 ps just too good but not much you can do about that because 556 and 545 are smaller calibers. However I still get into decent firefights but I play with 2 or 3 other people and rarely solo unless I a need a specific quest
  11. salidin

    Anti spawn killing, HDD/SSD load time fix?

    This, you wont enter a raid at the same time you will come and go as you please.
  12. salidin

    Anti spawn killing, HDD/SSD load time fix?

    When the hype train left the station half a year ago during the huge section waiting 7-10+ minutes to get into a game is not ideal. Especially when you die within 30 seconds occasionally. They are tweaking it as much as they can they already by extending the deploy timer and last patch they made it so more players join and connect before the game starts. A SSD is cheap enough now days they really do not need to give those with 4200rpm business class HDD's a handicap. Optimizations can only go so far, with the new version of unity it may increase load times but I can't speak from experience because I haven't played Rust.
  13. salidin

    White mag?

    Just transparency error when in items slots. I had to look twice to make sure they didn't sneakily add tundra camo Pretty sure it will be adjusted eventually to look like when you inspect the mag. But unfortunately more troublesome is how the mags do shimmer when past a certain distance similar to how visors did now I noticed. If you follow a buddy around or anyone using a transparent mag you can notice the shimmer when your about 15-20+ meters away it goes away when your up on them. About as noticeable as flashlights/lasers are on guns which has helped me find people in the dark too many times to count.
  14. salidin


    Notable camper spots. Above Oli shipping Interchange, Sniper Rocks in woods, Customs... not really a bad spot to camp its so linear so everywhere is a good spot. Factory open extract. Resort shoreline. 8 floors that can be easily held by a single person let alone two or more people. Want to avoid true campers avoid or secure those area's before you come into line of fire.
  15. A complete overhaul of the sound engine is needed. Sound should be contained through solid objects, muffled through softer materials, rear speaker utilization so what is behind you does not sound exactly the same as what is in front of you. However that's not a simple fix but with the footsteps volume increased as much as it is it just shows the flaws of the sounds more then it did before.