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  1. EFT Has Zero D-sync!

    You are using 9 mm bullets to shot a guy witch has armor (kolpak) and (PACA) that are designed to stop this catbridge. You just needed to shoot a few more in the head.. But you missed so you died. Dont tell d-sync where there isn´t pls.
  2. Why is Factory so unfun?

    Upgrade to ssd if u don't want to die in loading screen
  3. Go in greedy, get out rich.

    That's some steel balls right there boy, good job!
  4. Hilo de verificación, Discord Comunidad Hispana

  5. The game is becoming unplayable and quick

    Do you have a ssd? If not upgrade to it and install tarkov in it.
  6. RIP 8gb users

    Just buyed another stick of 8 GB it is better for me now have 16 GB right now!
  7. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    ThePlaSMaxX#9476 Please verify ty!
  8. Dafuq shotguns???

    If u see a guy with armor and helmet try for the legs, you know that the health system work like this: If you shot 1 part of the body (example: right leg), and it get blacked out if manage to shot the same leg he will die instant. Question, what shells are u using?
  9. Probably not..but

    For now the promotion is finished, Idk if there will be other soon.
  10. This game is 2 good 2 wait imo

    Happy birthday and enjoy this magnificent still on work game =)