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  1. nwinters15

    IM DONE !

    See you back next wipe
  2. nwinters15

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #3

    how is he an ego maniac?
  3. nwinters15

    funny devs

  4. it doesnt increase the feeling of cheap kills because killing fully geared with a TT is very rewarding lol
  5. nwinters15

    dehydration is BS OP

    I understand what you mean but since it is limited timed raids they have to increase this so it is not useless and just sitting there.
  6. nwinters15

    Meh, I'm done.

    by no means did the game go backwards with .08 performance and netcode increased and the game is as smooth as ever, though I have only dealt with a few hackers after .08 I understand the issues with that but the game will have weird issues from time to time but it is still better than before.
  7. nwinters15

    Glad to see netcode is fixed ... not

    Which servers are you on because US servers have been fine for me.
  8. nwinters15

    Skier task 1: Modular 3M armor vests

    I know me and my group were laughing about how easy it is to farm fort but impossible to find 3 white armors.
  9. nwinters15

    Keys in Filing Cabinets

    it took me forever but I finally found 3 at once after checking all day
  10. nwinters15

    The end of Tarkov?

    I fixed your comment you were missing a space and also changed "sudding" to "sudden". Now that we are past that (you called me an ass-hat so I will sure act like one) People are not educated enough to be judging how professional coders are coding a game. As American Patriot stated (the big thing we should criticize BSG for) (Above the quote is why I quoted you below is not directed at you.) People really just need to chill out there are productive criticisms of the game that I whole heartedly agree with, however coming on here and talking about how the game sucks and how it is dying is doing no favor to anyone and it makes you seem ignorant. At the end of the day YOU and ALL of us decided to invest in an unfinished product therefore by doing so you should of had an idea of what you were getting into. It doesn't matter if it is called Alpha or Beta it is early access and our job is to help make this game as great as it can be but crying like snowflakes helps nothing. If you don't like the game stop playing for a while and get a new hobby. Congrats you can read someone else's work doesn't mean you are any more qualified as others here to discuss the issue with the coding leave that to the coders.
  11. nwinters15

    The end of Tarkov?

    I appreciate the informative response you originally had but the first guy has no clue what he is talking about I am not disagreeing with issues with the game but I am simply showing that he is highly misinformed or out of his element unless he himself is a coder it wasn't a dense statement it was showing he is out of his element. Hit it right on the head thank you That's why it was a question, do you understand how English grammar works? (notice how I put a question mark to indicate I am asking you a question)
  12. nwinters15

    The end of Tarkov?

    How many games have you created or coded?
  13. nwinters15

    The Traders Greed event is over

    All you do is complain on these forums about the same thing every day find another hobby for a couple of weeks.
  14. nwinters15

    The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    I don't entirely disagree by any means we should voice problems with the game but crying over it and making demands does not help and to compare this game to Dayz or any other game that has failed is idiotic seeing as how much progress has been made in the past 6 month alone. This game will be something big when finished but until then it is our job to break it as much as possible and report it without being total choches.
  15. nwinters15

    The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    If you read the original post he is demanding that OBT details be released which isn't even priority number 1 at the moment in the first portion the second I don't disagree with if they release patch notes it should have a date but I understand why it doesn't they were rushed to put the notes out by the community and I do not want them to rush on the patch if it takes another month I wont mind as long as it is good which I anticipate it will be. I agree the PR is bad but if the community wont rush them and pressure as much as they do I guarantee they would release patch notes with a date at a later time but because off this we are stuck in limbo as I have said to probably 20 people now if you aren't enjoying it you shouldn't of invested in the game or take a break and play something else. Also don't forget it was in this state with no updates for years they are just now starting to push bigger updates Tarkov has come a long way in the past two years and if you do not agree then you clearly weren't around at that time.