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  1. What are your rarest items?

    This is an old post. I found the "watch" and have never found it since, this was about 6 months ago before the "Roler" was even in the game. Im guessing it was like an "Alpha" version of the Roler if you get me. And i dont think it had any special price at the time.
  2. DVL Suppressed sucks?

    Potentially he wasnt hitting the player and it was just visual effects from client side due to lag or desync. They could have been full health with armor and your friend could have just gotten unlucky. But the more likely scenario is that whoever was shooting the DVL is just a really bad player and missed a lot. I have some solutions: -Keep practicing and be patient when things like this happen -Uninstall the game Hope my feedback was helpful!
  3. Crashing near extract

    Stop using a school laptop then
  4. Land Mines

    Execute me for starting discussion.
  5. Money Glitch

    I pump hatchlings
  6. instant death? hack or bug?

    No your just bad at the game
  7. Olloch's win the day giveaway

    You're the man @Olloch An old but gold:
  8. Looking for Group

    Hey mate. If you are interested in joining an active group, have a look here - Here - if you are interested. Feel free to shoot me a message or join the discord for more info
  9. Money Glitch

    Yeah it's easy as. I'm surprised that not many people know about it. And yeah, the account reset glitch.
  10. Why not ban the people exploiting your game.

    The beta is for finding these exploits. The Devs know the bugs exist and the more people do them, the quicker they will get fixed. Also the game wipes often anyway at the moment so it doesn't really matter.
  11. Trying to Build the Rarest M4 You Can

    Can confirm I looted the LOVA around 16h ago. It's still here.
  12. Trying to Build the Rarest M4 You Can

    Found a LOVA yesterday. It's dissapointing because only top rail slots. But it's rare as duck so it's cool. I'm also building a rare M4, what is a monster? You got a bad picture my friend. Here is mine, looks a bit nicer.
  13. Sorry Dev's

    What keeps killing you? How are you playing (fast paced, slow, or something I between)?
  14. Money Glitch

    Yeah man. I don't care about money in the game myself. I just want the rare items like docs case and wallet.
  15. Money Glitch

    So i have come across a glitch that can be used to get unlimited money very quickly. I have practiced it enough to be able to recreate it almost every try now. I will not be explaining how to recreate the glitch because its broken and will ruin the game if everyone does it. Just bringing it up to say that it is out there. Ps - Yes, i have submitted a report. Extra: -Screenshots for proof