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  1. Besides Tarkov, what are your other favorite games?

  2. One tapped.

    I am suffering from great lag so and i stopped wearing gear because i die with it the same i die without it.
  3. Worst day best loot day

    You can buy them from Skier when you get him on max level for ca. 8000€
  4. Worst day best loot day

    I killed 2 guys and stole them 2 gun cases full of expensive stuff and they all like my work room I didnt laughed this good in years
  5. Worst day best loot day

    Yeah,room is cool.I work in company making swords,armour and general medieval stuff.And we all play EFT. I believe that guy with higher LvL was trying to gear up the younger one.
  6. Worst day best loot day

    Had worst day in game,getting killed left and right.ANd then I get in woods...2 guys spawned...Big thx to guys!
  7. SR-IMP vs Kiver & Fort?

    I found it on multiple runs on woods,they spawned in ZB-014 bunker in green container.
  8. AK-74

    My favorite gun!Only thing I need now is Zenit PT1 stock and AK105 and 107 variants.Maybe PK-A sight...and some drum mags...That is it.I swear! Can we put PT3 stock on Saiga 12?
  9. Sneak Peak: Weapon mods

    Well...we need something to use all those blue tapes!
  10. Yes,medical system is kinda OP atm.Well this is simply diferent game that is not kind to western weapon and gear systems and you will just have to accept it.It is one of the few things I like it.But I still dont think that you are in somehow worse position for using m4s and stuff and that your reward for using it is not enough.And it is not my intention to be mean I am just struggling with english.
  11. New Weapons??

    As a shooting instructor I am deply ashamed for not researching into ammo topic more.In my language it is caliber so i just typed it in some broken english.
  12. New Weapons??

    Didnt searched if anyone already posted but it would be awesome to see MTS 255 shotgun in game.Ibelieve it is in 20 caliber so we already have ammo
  13. New gear for PMC's (Tactical Belt)

    The real thing we need is DROP POUCH.
  14. I see what you want to say but somehow it makes sense to me.I must admit I am in BEAR faction and I use mostly russian guns and gear but I use AR series too and I cant agree with you it is same to me as it was.On the other hand everything in game is happening in russia not usa,so western guns and gear are imported goods which means they are rare and expensive so get used to play with russian stuff.
  15. For the first part about suppressors I support you 100% and idea is awesome. Second part of post is telling me that you didnt read games lore and you didnt play with M4 rifles otherwise you would not wrote that about "everything russian is better".