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  1. RatsInYurTarkov

    actually finish the game soon

    welcome to the dayz fanboi defend league, every early access is full of you butt kissers this game is already dead lads, just here to give you the autopsy report yes it was guilty of adding purple sweaters instead of fixing bugs and stablilization/optimization but lets ban ero
  2. RatsInYurTarkov

    When will this be finished? Honestly tho.

    its like a wave, it rises and falls and once it crashes on shore its gone forever this game will have the exact same life span as DayZ: people will be excited at first but the bugs and glitches will never be fixed and the entire time the core players are already done exploring and playing and have done everything in the game over and over eventually no one wants to play and the player base goes on a downward spiral tarkov is a ghost town now just like DayZ
  3. RatsInYurTarkov

    dead game is also abandoware possibly

    they release a map that wasnt on the schedule / overmap when selecting area SO THIS MEANS THEY ARE SO FAR AHEAD THAT WE GET EXTRA MAPS RIGHT?! aka dayz purple shirts this game is going to die, because its already dead
  4. RatsInYurTarkov

    actually finish the game soon

    sounds arrogant? thats what all the dayz fanbois said then and look what happened. use your brains not your dicks
  5. No one wants to level a 50th time while the game gets older and interest fades i forsee another coming dayz, by the time it gets released full version no one will care about the game and no one will be playing ... and it wont be released for 2 more years then this game is dead
  6. RatsInYurTarkov

    Play as a group is joke!

    hahah maybe they really DO deserve to shoot each other after all =p =]
  7. RatsInYurTarkov

    eroktic wtf

    i agree with it being stupid and rude, that part is true. should have never happened in the first place, and this was the worst reaction possible 'we dont want and never wanted eroktic to be part of this community' thats shameful BSGames
  8. RatsInYurTarkov

    eroktic wtf

    do not lose sales nikkita please....
  9. RatsInYurTarkov

    Play as a group is joke!

    true enough ... changing camo / clothing would be a great start then
  10. RatsInYurTarkov

    Crank up the bullet damage please

  11. RatsInYurTarkov

    Crank up the bullet damage please

    20/30 mag no armor scav takes 375 dmg and doesnt die? thats just silly, he was shot 20 times with AK rounds ....
  12. RatsInYurTarkov

    Play as a group is joke!

    if you change your face and then wear a face shield / mask ... then whats the point? you have to try to stick together better? your crew runs off all over the place chaotically then maybe you deserve to be shot by each other?
  13. RatsInYurTarkov

    Remove Flea market

    f--- lowering exp ... us honest players level sofa king slow and we're going to kill you with a lightbulb anyway ....
  14. RatsInYurTarkov

    Too Much Trash - Fence

    Fence used to be a neato guy selling all this random stuff, but lately he only sells untar paca and visors ... never any space for anything cool or interesting. Can you tell us how the Fence listings work? exactly?
  15. RatsInYurTarkov

    Remove hunger and thirst

    i like when your stomach gets shot out you lose water instead of HP ... feels original and tense when it happens