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  1. Rusty_McMuff

    10 Million Rouble Lottery/Giveaway

  2. Rusty_McMuff

    Crash on Extract/Death

    I have the same problem, both scav and pmc extract ,game closes to desktop.....scav loses all, pmc keeps gear,1 run on factory,1 on shoreline...don't know whether there is an xp gain for pmc on that raid either. Also no crash file generated. Just gotta let them do there thing and wait it out.
  3. Rusty_McMuff

    Hatchling butchering

    I personally kill every hatchling I see , just for the reason that said hatchling might get a loaded gun from weapons crate or off dead body , then that's someone else to worry about. Not all hatchlings are questing, some come in light hoping to gain heavy , also with face hitbox meta...… can't take the risk I 'm afraid , zero tolerance from me. Sorry ( tho not really)
  4. Rusty_McMuff

    In-Game roubles.

    OK,i'm just gonna throw this out there....are the items blacked out with question marks next to them,if so u cant use them until u have examined them to identify wot they are You said u were new,so that might be it....i'm not patronising you buddy btw But if all items are blacked out there is a problem
  5. Rusty_McMuff

    Black Friday Sale is BACK!

    Hi guys,finally gonna bite the bullet and get the EOD package,be gentle...I've brought lube,just in case