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  1. Making people buy and love EFT!

    Friends...haha .....yeah.
  2. Christmas hat avatars

    Alright cheekies, It's that time of the year again. Hat yourself and post it.
  3. Looking for a friend to squad with

    I feel ya man. I've been soloing since the beginning and it's lonely as hell when you got no one watching your back. I'm just scared of talking to people.. Check out the Clans Tab you will find help there.
  4. Really Bad at the Game

    Analyze and learn from your mistakes. Get a better feel for the engine. Get a buddy or more to help. Some of your deaths are probly due to bugs.
  5. How do you deal with the "Takov Crud"

    Rapid burn-out has been my concern ever since I started following EFT. Haven't thrown any money yet for this reason, not until I see a finished product, but I'm still lurking. Honestly, this is to be expected in early development, I've experienced it in other games like Warframe and it gets truly depressing at times. Just hope the eventual EFT endgame doesn't feel like what you described. Remember back to this post when development ends. There is one solution - a fulfilling and satisfying story. The feeling that your actions matter. Anything less than that is just your average online shooter + a bit more realism where you kill other players for loot and XP. Cheers brothers
  6. Appeal to the players

    By wiggling i meant runnin around CoD style , but forgot wiggling had a different meaning in tarkov
  7. Appeal to the players

    Never suggested that. And im far from the wiggling type. It just gets a pain in the butt knowing there are gonna be peeps camping the exits all the time. Using scavs to flush them out would be good. Station scavs around the area if players remain for too long.
  8. Appeal to the players

    How many times would you break them when the camping squad have the clear advantage. Sure you might have a squad on your own to face them but what if you are solo. If I was in a camping squad and for every 10 guys i got broken 1-2 times i wouldn't stop doing it because clearly it's an efficient way to get good gear - let others gather it up for you then pick em off. I don't encourage this type of gameplay but it's what people will do.
  9. Appeal to the players

    You don't think this might get a bit overused?
  10. Appeal to the players

    What about camping in a perimeter around an exit? As the game gains popularity, people are bound to form squads dedicated to waiting on geared up players to approach and ambushing them as they try to extract.
  11. Appeal to the players

    Although I haven't bought the game yet, this practice concerns me a lot. What is panned to prevent players from camping the exits?
  12. Still lurking..

    Dropping by to say hi and check game progress every few months. I know it's probably way too early but any word on an actual "endgame"? Considering EFT won't be forever updated I assume endgame will eventually come down to just killing for more gear and status? (once you escape, do all the side quests, uncover the story and all that) WIll then be the time so say "Ok I'm done, time to move on to something else"? How long will that take? Though it promises to be a nice experience I'm concerned about its potential to get old and boring rather fast. It's the only thing preventing me from investing in the game immediately. Cheers brothers
  13. Eyyy! It's Frankie!

    @Drake38 MUH SKILL

    Cigs for alpha. Vodka for beta. Drugs at release. (◕‿◕✿)