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  1. Waygarth

    Can EFT be installed on a drive other than C:

    I believe it comes from the original announcement trailer which was released before even the Alpha limited trial. Right at the end, it says that it is due in 2016 (at 3min 13s in the video). BSG started development in 2012 (according to the article on Wikipedia) and the "Official Announcement Trailer" was posted on YouTube in 2015. You can find it here:
  2. Waygarth

    SCUM soon.

    I have given SCUM a go - after all it is only $20 (£15 in UK) on Steam. It is clearly a much younger game than EFT. EFT was first announced in 2012 (for final release in 2016!) so has been going for 6 years now whilst SCUM was announced only a year ago and was released as "Early Access" on Steam at the end of last month. My impression so far is that it is more stable and polished than EFT and the performance is certainly better - higher FPS, less lagging and desync issues. It is not directly comparable and I don't really see them as competitors. SCUM has a more RPG feel to it with character development and excellent crafting - which don't have a counterpart in EFT. Personally, I have enjoyed my time on SCUM over the last week or so more than I have enjoyed EFT in some time.
  3. Waygarth


    There is no such thing as "camping" in EFT. Its called ambush and its a perfectly legitimate tactic!
  4. Waygarth

    After Patch 0.8

    Agree with Maki - limited experience so far suggests performance has improved significantlly.
  5. Waygarth

    Console command fps 1 not working

    fps 1 worked fine for me
  6. Waygarth

    Limit fps to 60

    It would be nice if, instead of just the tick box to cap at 60, we could have a drop down to cap at a choice at say 30, 45 or 60. Research shows (and I mean proper, controlled, blind testing - not random opinions on forums!) that solid and reliable delivery of 30 fps gives a good experience. What is usually perceived as a bad experience is wildly varying frame rates even if the average is much higher. I suspect that at lot of the complaints about frame rates in EFT at the moment stem from the latter problem - frame rates that vary greatly. So, I would go for a reliable delivery of a lower frame rate (providing it is 30 or more) every time.
  7. Waygarth

    Exiting game

    I thought maybe yesterday's update to the launcher was aimed at fixing this. But it hasn't, at least for me. Still crashing every time I exit the game.
  8. Waygarth

    Game completely locked up

    Happened yesterday in the first session after the BSG launcher did an update and the machine had restarted (don't know if this has any significance!). Game version, Win 10 64-bit. i7 CPU with 15Gb RAM, Graphics: NVidia GTX 1070, 4Gb. Tried to get into Shoreline as PMC. Got to "Awaiting session start" - stayed there for just over 6 min then buzzed and showed "Connection to server lost" - with [OK] button. Clicked OK and the screen went to blank black, no sound and nothing more happened. Tried Alt-Tab, but launcher said "In gane" and was also inoperative. Could not close or get out of either window. Eventually had to resort to turning the power off and a doing machine restart. On going back in today, I had lost everything my character was carrying!
  9. Waygarth

    Run through

    Just taking damage does NOT seem to do it, but taking some damage and then healing yourself does fix it. Dealing out damage definitely does the job, even if you don't actually get a kill.
  10. Waygarth

    Run through

    What constitutes "Run through" exit status? The message suggests that you haven't spent long enough in a raid, but it can't just be time because I have spent 40-50 minutes or so and still got "Run through". If I go stealthily and try to avoid trouble then however long I spend and however much loot I pick up, I seem to get flagged as "Run through". Is it necessary to kill somebody or engage in a fire fight before you are deemed to have "Survived"? If so, it seems counter-intuitive, I would give a reward for NOT hurting anyone! I wouldn't really care, but it halves the XP you get.
  11. I am new to EFT and, in order to learn how to control my character, aim and shoot and to learn the maps I have been playing as a scav and choosing to enter raids quite late so they are relatively quiet. I would say that nearly half the times I have done this, I have been killed within the first few seconds after spawning (i.e. my game time after death shows something like 16 seconds). This is very frustrating, 'cause I then have to wait through another half hour cool-down period before I can try again. Searching this forum and elsewhere, the consensus seems to be that this is usually because other players spawning as scavs in the same location shoot you. Also, possibly because scavs spawn in rather few well known locations, a few people are "spawn camping". I really cannot see the point in this! At that point, my body isn't worth looting, so why do it? We are told that the game will eventually have a karma system which will punish this sort of anti-social behavior to some degree. Hope that is implemented soon! In the mean time, would it be possible to skip the 30 min cool-down if death occurs, say, within the first minute? That would at least ameliorate some of the frustration.