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  1. SaltyAF

    upgrading account?

    You have to manually upgrade your account so you can still play with all your stuff until the next wipe if you want.
  2. SaltyAF

    How to make as much money in three days

    As much as i don't like it factory hatchet runs
  3. SaltyAF

    New Interchange Screenshots

    I can't wait for this
  4. I would say not to reduce the loot but instead make the punishments for dying as a PMC be higher. I think that reducing the cooldown of playing as a scav would help
  5. SaltyAF

    Aim punch adjustment

    100% agree - If the devs are working towards realism like they say they are the there should be significant aim punch when being shot
  6. SaltyAF

    Make Loot more Rare!

    I think that the problem lies with high level loot spawning in a very small number of places making it easy to find. Spread the rare loot out and it will be more difficult to find.
  7. SaltyAF

    Escape From Tarkov: Game Tech Overview

    Great insight
  8. Bring two M4's into every raid instead of just one
  9. SaltyAF

    pacca not working

    When you enter a raid take the paca off and then put it back on, should fix it
  10. SaltyAF

    Trader Reputation

    The benefit is only about one quests worth
  11. SaltyAF

    what are the best keys

    Factory, Marked and resort keys are the best