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  1. Ovenmit

    just me?

    Yeah, servers are taking a dump at the moment. In raid isn't too bad.. but loading profile at startup, quitting the game, traders etc are sloooooooooow
  2. lol.. maybe the game should shoot for you too then? Hell.. maybe it can move your character for you as well? Push x to play tarkov.
  3. Ovenmit

    Please don´t do an entire wipe again.

    They simply need to add an element of randomness to the game. Quest items in random spots (or like 1 of 3 spots), no "loot rooms"... would make it less of a chore, and make for a better game overall.
  4. Ovenmit

    Anti-cheat disconnect - lose everything

    Also happened to me twice now. First time though I managed to get back in but the timer suddenly jumped to 5min... Also.. the desync seems unbearable at the moment.... guess its best to wait it out
  5. Ovenmit

    Funny thing about Money Cases.

    I just wish money in wallets or cases would show in your total lol
  6. Ovenmit

    Rarity of keybars and docs-case

    exactly lol.. you can use a frikken piece of string to keep keys together... yet in Tarkov its a mythical item... but AK's and "exotic" western guns are laying around by the truckload.
  7. Ovenmit

    Grenade around corners

    Quick throw needs to be removed IMO. You should ONLY be able to hotbar grenades... would solve a few issues as well..
  8. Ovenmit

    Magazine fast loaders

    just bring more mags.....
  9. Ovenmit

    South African Servers - are there enough players?

    +1 Please.
  10. Ovenmit

    Escape from Tarkov book

    Google Reader (Play Books). You can upload the book to your library.
  11. Ovenmit

    Forcing Similarly Geared Players Into Same Lobby

    Yeah... Im talking utter bs hey. No time ever in human history have people killed others that had lesser equipment or skills. Matchmaking does not belong in this game. I sincerely hope the devs don't start pandering to this ridiculous need to be grouped fairly.
  12. Armbands/colored tape/etc are very common in military conflict. Particularly in eastern European areas. Id rather have an armband than a glowstick partially hidden on the front of my vest.... a band is visible from more angles than a stick on your vest. Anyway.. in a sense of the game.. most people playing together will be on TS or similar... comms saves lives lol..
  13. Ovenmit

    Forcing Similarly Geared Players Into Same Lobby

    Congrats. My hero. Too good for Tarkov. Doesn't make your suggestion any more valid.
  14. Ovenmit

    Forcing Similarly Geared Players Into Same Lobby

    No. A persons skills in real life aren't balanced, and neither should you be in a game going for "ultra realism". When in real world conflict you don't get put into nice little groups to make it fair, and neither should you be in this game. If you want to be put in neat little ranks then there are other games to play.
  15. Ovenmit

    Nerf grenades?!

    The grenades themselves don't need to be nerfed... the availability does.