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  1. ZB-014 extraction broke?

    Had three ak's in my pilgrim and an akm with a pso on it and when I attempted to extract at zb-014 I couldn't find the area where I'm supposed to extract even though It's one of my extraction points and there's green flares everywhere. Anyone else get this issue?
  2. Official Trading Thread

    Selling factory key 150k pm me
  3. Selling Factory Key

    Just found another factory key and am willing to sell it for cheap since the new patch is coming, PM me offers.
  4. Official Trading Thread

    I'm interested, read my PM or add me in game. (luketheduke4)

    When you spend multiple hours trying to find a item you get desperate.

    I will pay you real USD VIA paypal, contact me through PM's.
  7. KeyBar tool

    My in-game name is Luketheduke4 and I'm looking to buy a keybar, I can do paypal or I can offer in game money, what is your price range?
  8. checkpoint key

    Sure, what are you offering?
  9. Key Bar for trade

    Offering 5 real USD message me for information.
  10. Factory matching times (East Coast NA)

    Having the same issue on west coast.