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  1. EFT Upgrade Question:

    How do we upgrade anyways, do I have to buy a whole new account?
  2. EFT Upgrade Question:

    I'm in the same boat, no more room, I got guns in bags so many bullets I have no idea which ones go in which guns. They say upgrade the traders but i thought EOD players are already in good standing with all traders, I don't see mine moving an inch! Also HOW do I move my Salena Medkit over to the-rapist, do I have to have all 4 in inventory at once!? #NOROOM

    First off thanks for the advice. Yes I seen the shoreline map on google and found out the first few runs I was going in circles, then found the coast again. Took me a while to cautiously make it there. As I lurched forward I seen bodies, must have been a masacre. I eventually found the lighthouse exit though

    ALSO If I do get into this game, do you know if we will be able to upgrade our main menu inventory as I just got the base edition.

    Hi community, so I am new. Been watching some YT vids and decided to buy. I guess we dont start out with maps? Where do we buy? I had a few games but I don't know how to leave map. I started another scav game and seen one Youtuber go down stairs in factory and exit thru door...except I cant go thru door, seen similar doors with valve handles but can't exit. How do I exit maps?? Or do I just play to die.