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    Not seen the ones mounted on the towers on Shoreline : )
  2. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into some mobile gaming poo where you have timers on heals and repairs that you can pay your way thru.. Then I’m truly done with this lol
  3. GasT79

    Being accused of cheating...

    Read my posts again mate..
  4. GasT79

    Being accused of cheating...

    Yeah 95% is a guess from their side. How could they possibly know? I believe that most accusations are false to but it’s impossible to say claim any number. Most common in games is that its around 10% skiddies that keep buying new accounts. Then it can spike with amount of skiddies at sales of games.
  5. GasT79

    Being accused of cheating...

    They dont even take reports so how would they know? They are taking numbers out of thin air. Money is usually not a problem for those that use scripts, they usualy pay monthly fee´s for their cheats and buy multible copies of games.
  6. I think it might a good addition but it could also lead to to much micro management, inventory Tetris can be a real drag and this feature on top of that might become to much but I think we should wait and see what it will look like before judging.
  7. GasT79

    Being accused of cheating...

    It’s where databases come to play, guy reports a lot ignored and a guy that gets reported a lot flagged and reviewed stats or overwatched gameplay. Many will for sure abuse it but many will also use it with caution.
  8. GasT79

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the poor guy that opened fire on my ditched untar in a bush get a new monitor or glasses.. He somehow managed to sneak up really close while i was looting a body while wearing comtacs, i heard someone aim and look around to see him opening fire on a bush lol
  9. GasT79

    Why are there timed tasks?

    Lucky man, just what I did but.. Had people getting killed by scavs right in front of me, damn scavs did the finishing bullet a few times and stole my kills. A few where the first thing I saw was scavs sliding backwards so headed to exit directly terrified for the server. A server connection error while loading in. No looting and finished gearsets in inventory was over prepared as hell went better then expected but still ended up taking almost 2h.. Guess to some extent it could come down to when and where you play with server issues and so on, peak times in EU and connection times and server issues can screw things up.
  10. GasT79

    Hack detection not working fast enough?

    If it’s in the same spot it’s not a “hack” they are exploiting a issue with the terrain design making them invulnerable. Exploiting can only be detected by player reports or admin over watch neither is available atm though
  11. GasT79

    Kill Cam (Hear me out)

    Some are so narrow minded that they only can visualize the instant killcam from COD and BF. But many others are actually exploiters and cheaters that will be getting caught. As a example I Watched a stream yesterday where a guy said he was in the same raid as streamer in chat, he kills streamer shortly after at a known glitch spot where his character also did go thru a wall on the streamers view, reckognised the name of the killer and sure enough it was one of the guys that was strongly against a replay system cause he had so unique sniper positions. Many are terrified of losing their exploit advantages so of course they will be very vocal against a feature that will get them caught or disable the exploit for them.
  12. GasT79

    Why are there timed tasks?

    25 PMC´s in 20-30 min, how? I took Me 1h50min and i only died twice.
  13. GasT79

    Separate PVE Mode

    Need to be completely separate stashes and characters.. I would still only play PVP but considering how tough time many have here and the steep learning curve i think a solo or coop with p2p pve should be good for people to learn in. I want to fight decent and skilled geared players but meet way to many lvl 1-10 that feel completely clueless and hatchlings of different levels.
  14. GasT79

    Refunds answered

    Sadly companies often try to set terms that laws don’t support quite often, hell BSG doesn’t even follow their own TOS allowing Reshade, macros and so forth. Problems are expected for sure but some professionalism and costumer care is expected but lacking at BSG, they are learning and getting better here though. Nikita lashing out on customers and reviewers when a issue is brought up, claiming that there was no such issue and that people was dumb who thought so. A simple thing like backups of their customers accounts. They should have transferred backups to temporary accounts for the affected here if you ask me. Communication between support and devs in issues like these would be good. As I said though I have patience cause I have seen development and still enjoy the game but understand those that would have given up.
  15. GasT79

    Refunds answered

    Depends, if I was one of the guys with error 0000 and not been able to play for a week with very few updates from the support team I’d probably be enclined to ask for a refund. If the support team would update the ppl affected a bit more then no. There are a few similar issues where I would also have thought about where people can’t access the game. To me it’s more about getting it known that the TOS is wrong and so are many fanboys protecting it.