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  1. GasT79

    A warning to ASUS motherboard users

    Yeah that is really bad..
  2. GasT79

    A warning to ASUS motherboard users

    It’s been a “feature” on their motherboards for at least a decade and I’m 100% sure that they have warned about it. Forgot that I have used and use a audio card with a better headphone amplifier and the internal audio card disabled on my last 2 pc builds so that might be why I have not gotten it installed.
  3. GasT79

    A warning to ASUS motherboard users

    Never had it install for me but will keep my eyes up on next updates, pretty sure or at least ASUS has in the past warned about it being possible to be flagged by a anticheat. I do think this software has a more legitimate reason then Reshade to exist though, letting people with hearing disabilities play rather then making a game look a little bit better. And I doubt it gives as much advantage as Reshades zoom and other features. But make things easy Devs and just disallow all kinds of injection software..
  4. With this logic they should allow hacking to then since their Anti cheat is under development to.. Exploiting bugs is a form of cheating and similar to hacking is that a large part of the abusers have not made/discovered the script/bug or reported it and are just using it to their own advantage against other people. Whilst I don’t believe exploiting should get you insta banned it should be a warning and maybe a account wipe first then if caught again a 2 week temp ban, caught a 3rd time then perma ban. Whilst exploiting bugs is different then using scripts it’s still a form of cheating.
  5. GasT79

    Factory exploiters temp solution

    No I’m talking about the invulnerability exploit that people are using to block the exit with.. Old exploit new much worse position people have found. So without a key or luck with grenade throws you won’t get out alive and a cheater/exploiter will get the joy in killing you.
  6. Until the exploit is fixed can you please open the other exits.. No way to get out at a lot of the raids on that map atm.
  7. GasT79

    Bans for using forbidden software

    You should maybe consider rephrasing that as most people consider exploiting bugs and glitches a form a cheating.
  8. Taking a break to, hope they manage to sort out the real issues and don’t get sidetracked and has to fix the petty poo the exploiters are up to. Netcode, Server and Client performance. Bugs like reloads and armor not registering, the true gamebreaking bugs.
  9. GasT79

    Fix important poo

    This and that the game sometimes doesnt register reloads and armor are the most gamebreaking bugs that have existed so long im starting to doubt they can fix them.. Armor you can see on your weightload if it had registrered but magazines you need to have teammates online that can says if they hear you shoot or not.
  10. GasT79

    Always getting trade killed by squads

    You most often earn a lot more xp playing solo, not sharing kills and loot and so forth.. I play a lot solo and especially on the kill quests cause otherwise they tend to take to long. But I also play a lot in a group and it’s actually quite tough in EFT since you have no way of recognize a team member, can’t be quite as trigger happy so get killed sometimes cause you don’t want to kill a teammate and are not 100% sure on everyone’s positions. It’s a tense game so sometimes reflexes jump in and team kills happen. And since you talk some with your teammates you can often get to relaxed to.. I think it’s well balanced the way it is. Edit: Join some eft or streamer discord’s and I’m sure you can find some new friends.
  11. GasT79

    This game is too ********* hard

    Probably right was mostly thinking he needs something quick paced, I’m not thinking about tactics or anything like that.. He is a real rookie with no shooter experience at all so need the basics which I would say is muscle memory and situational awerness so something quick roundbased.
  12. GasT79

    Always getting trade killed by squads

    It’s sounds like you are a good player so should be able to adapt to a working strategy.. Flank and/or move out until they start looting their dead and then attack.. Throw a nade and run.. Settle with the victory of wrecking a squad and don’t always expect to get the loot. join or build a group.. There are solutions out there for you.
  13. GasT79

    This game is too ********* hard

    This game is hard even for old fps players but we want it that way.. I suggest you play some PUBG and land in hot spots to get quick action and get some reflex and muscle memory going, then grind some EFT factory. Or play CS:GO or a other cheap alternative to get into shooters. EFT is not a good one to start with.
  14. GasT79

    Could sure use a death cam after match

    I take it you have traded your Gamma to a Alpha or maybe play without a container to be a real hardcore player and only bought EOD to support the developer? Yes until we need to take dump in game we can’t really call this a hardcore game..
  15. GasT79

    Bans for using forbidden software

    I believe that many that are banned simply don’t care about their account, game became to hardcore, lost faith in devs and game and so on. Then a lot of the accounts are the same people, 50-150 euro is not that much for quite a lot of people these days.. And then you have spoiled kids with moms creditcard, stolen cards and so on.. Sure ARMA 3 was cheaper but one skiddie bought over 30 ex of ARMA 3 over the course of 3 years to be able to play Breaking Point and sure partly to taunt their head admin which he wasn’t very found of..