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  1. Help a noob out?

    This. EFT is a game of trial and error, you simply have to die until you don't. On top of that, don't be afraid to take a cheapo pistol, lil' makorov, work out scav behavior, spawn points/regions, patrol points/regions, get scav hunting, perfectly good loot from scavs and the majority of them don't wear any form of head protection, making killing them with cheapo pistols & ammo quite easy Also, do yourself a solid and search youtube for map loot guides, there's plenty of awesome loot that just sits around waitin' to make you a tonne of rubles.
  2. Smell like a

    Can't tell because y'all were facing the wrong way, but always the chance they utilized the bug/glitch where you can jump through the floor from 1st floor on to 2nd floor, could easily have worked out your position based on the noises you were making, faced that direction, jumped up through the floor and killed you both with great ease as you weren't watching where they came up from. And then there's also the added potential element of desync, they may have utilized the bug/glitch stated above, but with added desync so on your screen, they were still on the 1st floor, but on theirs, they had already jumped up to the second floor and killed you. Many possibilities here, including someone simply coming from a different direction (+Potential desync), walking slowly enough not to make noise, and then massacre you the moment they spot you, again, while you're looking at the wrong corridor. And then there's also the possibility of literally shooting you through the floor, if they were smart enough, had good enough audio, they could have used those noises to locate exactly where you both were (Since you were so close together), and simply sprayed the area from underneath (Or even above), easy kill easy life. Only thing i can almost say for certain is that it is highly unlikely hacks were involved at any point.
  3. Inventory of a lonewolf!!

    Future inventory of a lone wolf: Enjoy it while you can, the devs don't support our life choices.
  4. MY LEGS

  5. Mini SVD (gone wrong)

    Have to agree, i don't actually mind it, just wish the positioning on the actual adapter for the stock was a little better, it's not a very clean line from barrel to stock.
  6. Fort Armor

    I have noticed this aswell, the scavs that spawn later into the raid tend to have better gear, kivers and forts included (Although i'm not sure i've seen one with both)
  7. WIPE countdown

    The closest representation they could give you would be the MOMENT that the patch is ready for upload, which could be anywhere between <40 mins - >1 day before the patch/wipe, at which point you have to ask what the point of a countdown would be? They announce the patch just before it is properly released, they tend to keep us updated on the process after that, i mean, we already have the information we need to know when there is an imminent wipe, we don't really need a countdown.
  8. Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)

    Exceptional idea, i would strongly recommend the use of spoilers to avoid infinite page-scroll though :3 E.g consolidate images related to the upcoming weapon mods into a weapon mods spoiler Weapon mods
  9. Where to report hackers

    Should also be worth noting aswell that manual reporting has been stated will be added in future, however specifically at this time it would be counter productive due to the high volume of desync related occurrences that can appear as hacks.
  10. WIPE countdown

    They may be aware and have made the decision that a wipe will be needed for the next patch, but they may also have absolutely NO idea when the patch itself will be ready for release, making the wipe unpredictable and impossible to announce accurately, all they could do is say "At some point we'll have to wipe", which isn't really helping the situation.
  11. whos the highest level

    The people with access to that information have neither the time, nor any plausible reason to locate and provide anyone with that information. Look forward to the future EFTStats, which i am fairly certain will have that information as they collect statistics such as levels and such from in-game lobbies.
  12. WIPE countdown

    Wipes generally only occur on MASSIVE updates, updates that, by their very nature, cannot be accurately predicted; There would be no way to provide an accurate countdown unless they had finished and were ready to release a massive update that would require a wipe and had scheduled it for release at a SPECIFIC time on a SPECIFIC date, which simply does not occur. Wipes are not scheduled, they occur only when they need to (Which is not planned down to exact dates and times) We only discover them when the decision is made that a wipe will be needed and they're ready to release information regarding the patch that will require the wipe.
  13. Grinding but no luck...

    That is actually the first time i have ever heard of the devs changing something that big based on player feedback, they really didn't seem to want it at all. This actually gives me massive hope for the future, that they may actually be a little more receptive to player feedback than the '10 commandments unshakeable faith' sort of attitude that they've been portraying thus far. You may want to stop the presses, the devs may actually care D: (I should note, i didn't much care for offline mode I only used it once or twice when i wanted to try out the SV without inta-losing it and a couple of scopes i wanted to try out too Assumedly this would have been possible in the shooting range soo.... But this drastic shift in attitude is a MASSIVELY good sign)
  14. Grinding but no luck...

    Lolwut? They were so aggressively clear on the fact they wouldn't be keeping any form of offline mode rofl, they made such a point that they weren't going to change their mind lol, all the posts asking for them to keep it and they're like "nup" and then suddenly "Oh actually, yeah."? Possibly the most confusing stuff.
  15. Sorry, you are actually just so inspiring (In one of the worst ways possible xD)