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  1. packets in = 0 need help

    Yea this update is the worst one I've seen yet. They made the game absolutely unplayable for me. The desync is so bad now that I cant even leave a raid through the menu. I'm sure bsg will put out a hotfix to take care of this terrible issue.
  2. Stacking Dog Tags

    Its not unrealistic to have some one pay for a confirmed kill of someone you want dead.
  3. Stacking Dog Tags

    Yea i agree with ya. Only thing that would be a cool use for a collected dog tags is if a player was on a win or kill streak you could turn in their dog tag for like 10k ruble or something depending how much of a streak they were on.
  4. Stacking Dog Tags

    How about instead of collecting the dog tag we just examine it so it takes of no space at all.
  5. UI for mixing ammo types [Graphic Examples]

    I would love to see this
  6. I suggest you start over new game new team

    why do you think its bad. I think its one of the better games out there. They have made a lot of progress over a very short amount of time.
  7. Any way we can get Merch?

    I second this would be pretty cool especially since tarkov has some good logos.
  8. The Hideout announcement

    will you be able to raid other players bases? I noticed you guys said you could increase your security so that made me think you might be able to raid other players bases I hope that is true.
  9. The MP5 cannot see WIP pictures

    I would like to see this as well
  10. Awesome keep up the good work guys!
  11. How old are you?

    27 USA
  12. Second wave started!

    Second Wave is live check your emails per the twitter.
  13. Devs, take a momment and sit with us

    But they should not have gotten access before all of the EOD Players have gotten access correct?
  14. Alpha testing, update 2

    Keep up the good work guys it looks like an amazing game so I'm sure you will do what is necessary to make it a great launch into alpha!