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  1. 5vor8

    Attention! Some Responses for you

    Ya, i gues it is still sensless to place any personal minds in this Forum. Ah...what ever. Cya guys.
  2. 5vor8

    Attention! Some Responses for you

    Whats youre Point ?
  3. 5vor8

    Attention! Some Responses for you

    I gues, as long as people are playing with 20 FPS against 2 SCAV`s and 4 Hackers per round, they won`t come back. Im sorry but these patches means nothing to me and my friends....nevermind, maybe next year. So, Keep your work up and good luck bro`s. And by the way Nikita, maybe you would like to think about some way to increase the fun in this game. The last time i played Escape from tarkov, it felt very boring to me. Grinding, leaving, grinding and leaving again. Would be cool to get more to shoot more fun and not more boring missions without any translations...just my 2 Cent.....