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  1. Check Ammo, don´t work

    I always just reload and refill the empty mag whenever I have a few seconds of quiet after a gunfight. Now, with the coming change of the time it takes to load mags with new bullets (as it should be) even this won't work great around this issue, but being able to use all functions with custom mapped controls is an absolute must so it's definitely something they'll have to fix.
  2. downloaded file checksum does not match

    My younger brother had this issue as well. He submitted a support ticket to BSG but didn't get any help. Later, on his own, he did a checkdisk, when that was done the installer went through (where it hadn't gone through for like 15 tries in a row). sfc /scannow, completely uninstalling the game and clearing out registry didn't help him either when trying different things.
  3. Injecting process into Tarkov exe?

    As far as I know Overwolf does NOT work with tarkov at the moment. I would just recommend that you use discord as it's overlay works just fine.
  4. shoreline

    This is desync, if you see another player get "stuck" then that means that you're no longer in sync with the game server. To solve this try and hide in a safe place, alt+F4 to close down the game without disconnecting and then restart the game and reconnect to the session.
  5. Weird problem with graphics

    Yeah, this looks like the effect from painkillers which is intended.
  6. Macros For levelling?

    Macros (in serious PvP games) are usually banned if it includes more than one action for a single click of a button and should stay that way in my opinion, otherwise you open up a world where people can combine lots of different functions eliminating some of the APM requirements to pull off certain moves that otherwise require more skill.
  7. Check Ammo, don´t work

    Same here, Same thing with the command for changing reticule type on red dots/holos and laser/lamp since I use custom controls. Checking chamber does not work with custom controls either. I've just learned to not use these functions.
  8. Optics Companies Thread

    I was almost shocked to see the lack of the classic Aimpoint CompML2 in the game. We need this. Also, the Trihcon RX01 is neat, low profile and a good looking red dot. I'd love to see this added as well.
  9. Suggestion for if Wipes continue post-release...

    Why would devs wipe the servers clean after the game is released? It's done in order to reset progression, items, etc. that have been affected by patches, it's not done as a core game mechanic.

    I don't think that scav runs are the best way to keep your PMC funded and geared, for that do hatchling and/or low tier tech farming instead. But I still agree that ythere must be a reasonable timer for scavs to get out after they spawn.
  11. gold swag

    The key spawns on scavs (check backpacks and pockets), or find someone (like the good samaritan above) that will trade it with you.
  12. New Scav System?

    I don't think that a leveled scav should get better loot, it totally defeats the purpose of player scavs being randomly generated and would, immensly, throw any balance to scavs out the window.

    Yeah, my gaming group has discussed this as well, for shoreline no new player scavs should be spawned in past the 20-min left mark. Or their getting out timer should be extended so that you get at least 20 min to run through the map.
  14. Why is this happening

    Could be the same type of desync that I've described in a post a bit further up. If you're not able to see another player/scav model freeze in place just as the desync happens then you won't even notice the desync (because to you the game reacts normally, you just don't see others at all).
  15. Extreme desync

    Nah this ain't it. I've got a 250 down /100 up connection and I'm getting these speeds, this issue happens in no other application or game and my friends all get this on various locations as well and we're from the US, Canada, UK, Sweden and Holland. This is definitively a game/server-related issue.