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  1. A_Muller

    Dynamic player driven quests

    While I do agree that the flea market sort of competes with the idea I still feel like it's not entierly true, the flea market will be a sellers market, and certain hard to get items that few players might want to give up for a "decent" price is where a custom order from a trader could come into play, it would both keep items in circulation as well as make sense from a fuff perspective where mechanic actually requests specific items to be aquired so that he then can build his high end custom guns (as an example).
  2. A_Muller

    Dynamic player driven quests

    Ok, so I have an idea inspired by the gunsmith questline. What if a player can go to a trader, pay a down payment to customize an order of equipment/gun (even with items they yet cannot buy), the trader will put out an open contract for all players to accept, the first player to turn in said item(s) will receive a nice reward (barter item maybe? bitcoins, Gold Chains, GPUs, and/or money depending on how complex the order is) as a reward and the player who placed the order with the trader will get the item(s)/order in their messages provided they pay the remaining price, if they don't/can't then the trader keeps the down payment and sells the custom gun/equipment order for a special barter and/or money during a limited time. If it's not sold within that time then the trader just takes the parts and adds them to their standard item stock if possible?
  3. A_Muller

    Check Ammo, don´t work

    Since I rebind the alternate command buttons to C and Mouse 4 (away from Ctrl and Alt) my bindings break.
  4. A_Muller

    Your green bear shirts suck

    eeeh, this works just fine
  5. A_Muller

    Being hit on wearing Bulletproof Vests

    I didn't notice that a completely different number was stored in my clipboard. A 700kg car travelling at 100km/h would hit with roughly 500 times it's weight in N if it was travelling at 100km/h, a bullet will generate nowhere near as much newton upon impact. EDIT: But back to the topic, sure, an armor piercing round would ignore a "fort" armor, which it also does in game to a great extent. But the armor should be able to withstand 5 rounds of non AP 7.62 rounds, otherwise it's resistance is not the same as the class this vest should be.
  6. A_Muller

    Being hit on wearing Bulletproof Vests

    No, it really is true, that's exactly how the armor rating is measured. And while yes, getting hit with a 7.62 fired at the max m/s allowed for the armor to pass the rating would generate roughly 8.1286 newtons of force. You can't just say that "it's like getting hit by a truck".
  7. A_Muller

    Being hit on wearing Bulletproof Vests

    No, you'd never fly away getting shot by a shotgun, you'd take a heavy impact and fall down but if you knew how physics work then you'd also know that the type of "flying then hit" BS we see in action movies is 100% false. If you had that amount of newtons applied to the target then the shooter would also feel that amount of force when firing. I do agree that a bit more of a stunned effect would be nice, but I fail to see how they can properly implement that and make any high tier weponry useful in the game since then you'd just be able to shower enemies with low caliber rounds, effectively rendering them unable to do anything. It would just provide bad game mechanics. A little bit more of a shake and maybe a few seconds of slightly blurred vision (kind of like the contussion-effect) would be nice, but anything more thaan that I believe would be difficult to solve and still keep good game mechanics.
  8. A_Muller

    Being hit on wearing Bulletproof Vests

    Seeing as how a NIJ III/BR5-rated armor plate can take up to 5 consecutive 7.62 cal rounds before breaking I'd say we're actually pretty accurate as far as to how it protects right now.
  9. A_Muller


    I've discussed this with my group of players as well and we all agree that it should be doable, but anyone can re-add a bandage and splint to an IFAK, so as long as you have those items you should be able to refill yourself, having only therapist being able to do it would take it a bit far IMO.
  10. A_Muller

    Being hit on wearing Bulletproof Vests

    well... getting hit does add a feint camera shake and blur, it also throws off your aim.
  11. A_Muller

    Billing Support Question

    The purchase was made towards BSG, therefore they should hold the responsobility in ensuring that their payment solution is working as intended, if it does not then they need to solve this with Xsolla, this should NOT be a case that the customer needs to take their time solving. Also; this is why paypal or a credit card for online payments is a good thing.
  12. A_Muller

    The reasoning behind removing the IFAK peacekeeper?

    The IFAK was far too overpowered when at level 1 peacekeeper (but pretty pricy), I'd like to see it from him around level 3 at least though.
  13. A_Muller

    Check Ammo, don´t work

    I always just reload and refill the empty mag whenever I have a few seconds of quiet after a gunfight. Now, with the coming change of the time it takes to load mags with new bullets (as it should be) even this won't work great around this issue, but being able to use all functions with custom mapped controls is an absolute must so it's definitely something they'll have to fix.
  14. A_Muller

    downloaded file checksum does not match

    My younger brother had this issue as well. He submitted a support ticket to BSG but didn't get any help. Later, on his own, he did a checkdisk, when that was done the installer went through (where it hadn't gone through for like 15 tries in a row). sfc /scannow, completely uninstalling the game and clearing out registry didn't help him either when trying different things.