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  1. I see. i think i read a bit too deep into this when i saw RO2 and manual bolting mentioned. Basically if you look up videos you can see there's a MASSIVE fire rate difference between letting your character re bolt (As EFT is doing now) Vs manually doing it with mouse clicks and i'm NOT in favor of that sort of thing myself at least with coming to EFT. That's what i'm trying to clarify here. My mistake. As for the actual topic that i completely jumped over yeah it seems like it's bugged at least from what i've tested in offline mode as i don't have the time to run a raid tonight.
  2. Funny that if you played RO2 without that box ticked it worked like PUBG or any other shooter...at least if i can recall it correctly anyhow. My suggestion is to leave it as is..i don't want to empty a five round magazine in less than a second as this isn't a mad minute or any other rifle drill Edit: just looked up footage. It does indeed auto eject the shell if the box isn't ticked and is slower than manual in RO2. Updating now so i'm unsure if EFT does it like that or not.
  3. Wilson264

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guy with Untar/ UN armor with a 74 U on interchange who just led my little hatchling butt around the IDEA store. Thanks dude that was SO cool to FINALLY see someone not just open up. I had a broken leg that entire game and you were nice enough to drop a painkiller or two and it was just amazing. I Hope you enjoyed the IDEA registers as well I wanted you to drop me so you could take my tags and add me as a friend as that was definitely really cool. Haven't seen anything like someone willing to just turn their back in a long time. If you see this please reply with your ingame name as i'd love to run some raids with you again if possible.
  4. Just as the title says.. *Sigh* Standard stash size wasn't enough of an issue without this stupid freaking bug popping up once again.
  5. Wilson264

    The Importance of Ammo Selection

    #me Haha i feel like that guy with the mp5 at the moment. Got the game a few days ago and jesus everyone running fort and kiver and i'm here like *I can buy hollow points...yeeee* hahaha
  6. Just want to point it out as this hasn't been said before now but over the last few days the servers have been REALLY WONKY so it might not even be your end on the freezing and such my dude All i really know is it's since last hotfix like..four or so days ago i think ? Anyhow best of luck and i suggest videos or maybe finding a group through the fourms here happy tarkovin to ya. Edit: Some of my horrible spelling has been corrected and link provided
  7. Wilson264

    Really Bad at the Game

    Yeah right now i'm just tryin to learn it without dropping 100K on SKS es or the carbines i can buy atm. If you're down for teachin a new guy i'd happily take any advice/discord Cheers mate and thanks for the info. Again loving the game was just curious you know? Super irked that i did all that work only to get popped because some guy sat around for 15 minutes or so.
  8. Wilson264

    Really Bad at the Game

    Yeah i feel the OP here. Got the game less than a week ago and it's a blast but i dunno how i can learn from my last death. Was running shoreline and went from the little looted re-bar guy store down to the grenade pit after spawning and killed three ish scavs. Ended up clearnin gas station of its three scavs then went to extract ANNNNDD dead because some guy is just chilling by the rocks next to the lighthouse with a fully tricked out AK or something. Only saw a muzzle flash or two and was dead because i can't get any armor yet and at dusk/setting sun i couldn't make him out though i doubt one of those dinky AK .336 Kepr Carbines would have done much if anything and it's all i can really get my hands on at the moment thanks to prapor level ...*Sigh* anyone got any tips for this sort of thing? Is spawn camping really all that common or is this a rare instance?