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  1. Nick Name:Jukeeee Age:23 Time Zone:GMT Brief description on why you want to join: play solo when my mates are not on but need others and meet new people ofc Brief description on what you bring to the table:id say was a pretty decent player can work will within a team Brief description on what you are looking for in Singularity:mature players who wat to duck sme poo up
  2. New mt helmet

    so what i want to know is why am i getting one poo when im using the new helm and fort amour. for the 2nd time in 2 hours ive gone fully geared and been 1 shot and lost a hell of alot of money. so im asking what is the point in me paying for all that gear when i could just go without it and get the same result
  3. prapor quest line

    so i have finished all the prapor quests and yet still to have enough rep to get him to rank 4? is this how it supposed to be because i did a mission with skier doesn't seem right to me
  4. Escape from ... the weather?!

    soooo i just looked at the weather in Saint Petersburg, The weather there said its cloudy so how come its still raining in game
  5. Escape from ... the weather?!

    i get this as well every game outside is rain rain rain and more rain are there more weather conditions ???
  6. Fort amour power

    So was just in a customs game with a sv-98 and came up against a guy with a fort amour. so i shoot this guy in the chest and then die and i check the damage done and he took 1 damage from the sniper shot. i think thats abit to powerful for a fort amour. what you all think?