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  1. A 49 minutes et 40 secondes, Torus tombe sur 5 joueurs et décide d'infiltrer le groupe ...
  2. What secrets are hidden in this blackbox?

    And it got leaked
  3. All Shoreline extract points in 3D animated

    @Cadwulf, @DeltaElite121, @SovietGrowlithe and everybody else, I encourage you to thumb up his video on Youtube, as I didn't created that masterpiece
  4. Tarkov Youtube Channel looking to grow

    Good luck on your odyssey
  5. More legit loot, good to hear!
  6. Surrond Sound not working | Siberia 840

    Indeed no surround support yet. Raw stereo.
  7. Le reset du profil

    J'ai eu des echos de joueurs qui ont fixé le probleme en executant le launcher ou le jeu en mode admin. Essaie ?
  8. How to actually(!) report bugs here?

    Choose section "Game support"?
  9. Patchnote préliminaire V 0.4.1.**

    Etre un runner est attribué en s'extrayant sans avoir eu de veritable impact sur la partie. De memoire, si tu ne loot pas 3 corps, ou ne tue personne, ou t'echappe trop vite, tu deviens un "fuyard"
  10. Newbie Looking for Othher Newbies! US! 18+

    Well someone is enthusiast Welcome to Tarkov
  11. Hatchets and damage...

    Realisticly-speaking, if I had to attack someone equipped with a helmet, armed with a tactical tomahawk (that is half a meter length, not bad for a little hatchlet), I'd aim for the neck. Cheeki breeki
  12. Loyalty level

    Sometime going to a new raid fix the problem. Give it a try
  13. Wow 40 minutes long, you did a good job! I would have added very important points: We play it to test and debug, we will probably have several more wipes inventory, and the final gameplay isn't what we are experiencing right now.
  14. Update notes ETC

    Vkontakt, Russian social media.
  15. Sorry if this is in the wrong place

    You can always fill a report. But best thing is to ignore salty and toxic players behind in Tarkov city.
  16. Dedication

    Given the amount of kill you had, the ratio BEAR/USEC is interesting.
  17. Nice stuff. Hate mostly come from people who play the game instead of testing and debugging it, but we can't blame them, as many game studios sell beta games as an excuse for not fixing bugs.
  18. ohhhh maa gawd - strength soo goodd

    Hatchling juggernaut. We are doomed.
  19. Hello, 4G user here. 4G over WiFi have alot of jitter, an unstable ping. You can reduce it by connecting your computer to your phone with a USB cable, it will reduce some latency. Another big improvement is to buy a 4G router. With it I've multiplied by 3 the bandwith and reduced jitter and latency. This gave me also access to QoS, giving ETF priority to other programs. But in the end, I still have some desync, especially in the evening where people saturate the 4G of the neighborhood with their phone to browse cats and other people life on their phone. Last point: next patch is focusing network optimisation.
  20. Vanishing items

    Thanksfully Prapor will get it back for you, because you have insured it. Oh god tell me you did
  21. So this is what causing framedrops.

    Same as @Big_Joe, ETF use all my threads, around 50% charge. As for my GPU (970GTX OC), it uses the GPU between 60% and 100%. I still didn't managed to pinpoint the bottleneck of my configuration. @Xenome-111, have you checked the load of your VRAM? Have you any heavy filters setted up?