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  1. Did117

    The Lab Compilation! Check it out

    (My right ear is jealous of my left ear...) Cool comp
  2. Did117

    Would you like a wipe in patch 0.11?

    "We're going to break your spine, would like to run a marathon afterwards?" - bsg LOL No seriously, every patch release and hotfix is always, ALWAYS met with game breaking bugs. To reset after these patches is always, ALWAYS the same tortuous experience. Please don't wipe. Let us at least experience the release of the patch and then, if needed, sure you can wipe. But only after some stability is achieve first.
  3. Did117

    Made a fragmovie, hope I can get some feedback.

    Aha! Mouse crosshair!
  4. oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  5. Aaaaaaaand:
  6. But I do, 2 even. (one of which I gave away) It was a scav run!
  7. Did117

    Anyone play anymore

    The short answer? No. Most people left. The long answer? No and the devs know it, so they decided to change the lobby and chat systems so people wouldn't """notice""".
  8. Did117

    Pre-Saved Loadouts

    Soon they say. Like the compass, the karma system, the elimination of stuttering, the fix of horrid spawn system,... Just wait they say, somewhere in the 22nd century they say...
  9. Not a bad idea. It's actually a very good way to prevent something that plagues this game.
  10. Did117

    Cheating Player

    Mommie mommie! The baddies! >and quotes that other guy