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  1. Same here. (Sorry, not german, but you were the first to point it out)
  2. TAW_Did

    Manual Bolt Action Key - EASY TO ADD IN GAME

    I would not like to see this in the game. I NEED this to be in the game. How many times have I killed someone who had part of is body behind cover or lost sight of the enemy because of this? Too many times.
  3. You tell me
  4. Went fishing into the woods. Got 5 (The other two are on the other side of the rock, even missed looting one cuz of the havoc that ensued and only realized once I had extracted)
  5. It's free and it's for everyone!
  7. Can I haz laif naw?
  8. TAW_Did

    SCUM soon.

    SCUM is Rust 2.0 It's has very little similarities with tarkov, if any.
  9. TAW_Did

    I uninstalled this BROKEN game

    Nice mammaries, the personality though...
  10. >when it's no you that get's tarkov'ed All it took was a lucky grenade!
  11. TAW_Did

    Are the devs sleeping?!

    Devs develop the game. What you need is support.
  12. TAW_Did

    Official Trading Thread

    Selling GAMMA CONTAINER Price: How many million rubles you think it's fair? PM me.
  13. TAW_Did

    Official Trading Thread

    WTT: Gamma container 1x I want keys, the more the better PM me
  14. TAW_Did

    Filled with cheaters

    Fortunately for you I was born to rich parents who gave me the opportunity of owning my own business, so depending on the perspective I either work 24/7 or I don't work at all since I enjoy what I do and I make my own schedule. I'm not a bitter boomer who doesn't understand that beta access isn't the same has buying a finished product, no one anywhere pays for the privilege of being a test dummy, test dummies usually get a discount for their troubles and time investment in the help of developing a game or any software. Beta testing is usually for free. As for the added taxes on top of the pricing? That's the norm of shady 3rd world companies who don't follow international laws and stay away from mainstream publishers because of money grubbing practices. The company is based in russia and last I've checked there are economic sanctions enacted against russia, that may be a contributing factor, but never the less, bsg literally forces it's users to pay the extra money in order to stay competitive in game. Fanbois however force me to state the obvious, that no matter anyone's hopes and promises, facts trump feelings, always. So, the fact that I have enough money to waste away in every frivolity under the sun, doesn't make tarkov any better investment than what it really is. And to conclude, the fact that you feel the need to mention my clan is a clear sign that the fanboi in you is seething for good boi points, maybe if you knew that they don't pay their own community staff you would stop engaging in such laughable manner. If naming reality is talking down or detrimental for bsg, it surely isn't my nor TAW's problem. And remember, everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but fact, when it exists, is for everybody.