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  1. TAW_Did

    A noob goes to factory...

    Factory is the only small, closed, indoor map. It has it's own set of rules. Do some scav runs, get a 153, with 8 round magazine and a laser sight, go to the factory and train hip fire. In no time you'll have a pile of corpses around some corner you picked. For me right now what really grinds my gears is the one tap scavs, the current armor/bullet meta and the server poopery.
  2. TAW_Did

    A noob goes to factory...

    Don't go to factory. Play in the Woods and Customs, get a feel of how the scavs behave, memorize all the ambush points, practice ambushes, then you might try the factory. And be chewed and spit like the rest of us. Even in 5 man squads you can loose all to the scav waves.
  3. TAW_Did

    Scavs are broken

    The scavs are way over powered. Their accuracy, their awareness, their aim. A scav with a TOZ is more dangerous than a pmc with an m4. Then there's the broken hit detection which makes them shrug off dozens of bullets like it's nothing. Also they used to scream before engaging, you know, simulating poor trigger discipline and a complete disregard for engagement rules, but now? Now most of the times they just blast you into smithereens without has much has a peep. I guess the devs are trying to find the sweet spot for scavs boss's. Cuz every scav now is boss!
  4. TAW_Did

    How can anyone play this game

    Yeah mate, you should drop a couple hundred bucks more on this unfinished closed beta game... Erry time. Please spend more moneys!
  5. TAW_Did

    LOW FPS 980TI 8700K

    Now imagine me with a 1050ti 4gb...
  6. TAW_Did

    Bethesda: #PleaseStandBy

    After fallout tactics the best one was New Vegas, the rest are nothing but a cash grab mess that destroyed the fallout lore.
  7. TAW_Did

    How Much Gear Do You Risk Per Raid?

    Alone? Less than 50 k roubles 2 man team? the same 3 man team? just south of 100 k roubles 4 man team? the same as for 3 5 man team? 200 k maximum 5 man team with best squad and most experience with? 500+ k roubles
  8. You can try out as a recruit. Go on taw dot net. And join the teamspeak server.
  9. TAW_Did

    Deployment Alert Sound

    Good ideia! I usually leave the weapon's chamber with no bullet, so I can hear him cocking the weapon when the raid starts. No way I'm waiting the 10+ min in the ducking menu just because... ^ This!
  10. TAW_Did

    Honest Question about Hatchlings

    Hatchlings don't raid, they farm, yet there's always a chance for them to pick up a gun and start raiding. So yeah, kill'em all, show no mercy. Except when they join you and help you drop other players by distracting them. Oh I've made a few friends has an hatcling and with hatchlings!
  11. TAW_Did

    Tell me how?

    1- u have city aim 2- he's fully armored and your firing what I guess is buckshot 3-also some level of desync
  12. TAW_Did

    Hacked again

    That's not a pistol...
  13. You must have the beacon outside of your container, at all times.
  14. TAW_Did

    Pre 0.9 State Information

    Can't wait! Wow some intuitive skills right there! As always, great input!
  15. TAW_Did

    Pre 0.9 State Information

    ETA? ETA?