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  1. Aaaaaaaand:
  2. But I do, 2 even. (one of which I gave away) It was a scav run!
  3. OMG!
  4. TAW_Did

    Anyone play anymore

    The short answer? No. Most people left. The long answer? No and the devs know it, so they decided to change the lobby and chat systems so people wouldn't """notice""".
  5. TAW_Did

    Pre-Saved Loadouts

    Soon they say. Like the compass, the karma system, the elimination of stuttering, the fix of horrid spawn system,... Just wait they say, somewhere in the 22nd century they say...
  6. Not a bad idea. It's actually a very good way to prevent something that plagues this game.
  7. TAW_Did

    Cheating Player

    Mommie mommie! The baddies! >and quotes that other guy
  8. TAW_Did

    Bushes and Bravo scope

    The bushes are see trough now. People hiding there stand out like a sore thumb. I understand they should not be absolute walls of greens, but they should offer some kind of concealment. Right now with new sound mechanics where you make so much noise trying adjust your position while trying to stay under concealment, it's a nightmare. Also the bravo scope is broken. Like really broken, adjusting the FOV does nothing.
  9. TAW_Did

    So many trades

    Yup same here, before this last patch I don't remember trading even once, after this patch? I've traded more than 10 times already.
  10. TAW_Did

    I quit this game

    Play Tarkov. Relax. Wait, what?
  11. TAW_Did

    whats the point of going geared anymore?

    Learn to read kid. I didn't complain, nor did I make any suggestions. I merely named reality has it currently presents itself.
  12. TAW_Did

    Feed Back on Shoreline Kill Montage

    That's what I said, the current meta is broken. So if your into montages right now: