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  1. Hidden matchmaking?

    Is there a matchmaking system in the game? I've noticed that when i do factory run with hatchet, i meet a fully geared high lvl guy in the match only 1 time of 10 raids. When i go in with lvl1 or 2 gear, i find 3 time of 10 raids. But when i gear up properly, i always find a guy like me, in fort, kiver, akm or m4. Is this a coincidence? I've been testing this for days now in different times of the day and always showed me the same pattern.
  2. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guy at woods who rushed to the tank at the bottom left corner of the map after spawn, To you my friend who i didn't kill and let you live, I hope you managed to escape with no harm! I survived! I don't like to shoot people without a firearm, i respect them more than that... 2017.12.18, CET 01:00-02:00 Have a nice day everyone and don't lose your humanity to the fear!