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    Your friend is just looking for an excuse. All cheaters do. They make poo up, they find something that could be 'arguably' the reason, in their ignorant mind and just spew that until they run out of breath. Your friend is a cheater. Whether he's telling you or not. The end. Move on.
  2. Yeah no. You said you've been following the game for 2 years. Yet 90% of your complaints are based on someone who has 0 research done on this game. Most of your issues are simply placeholders... You even ask if there are only going to be RAIDS..... You've been following the development for 2 years? Sure... Now based on this information, whether you are straight lying or just slow... I'm going to assume your game running horribly is either because you have a trash PC or have a nice one and have no idea how to min/max settings inside and outside of the game. 2 years huh? Heh.
  3. Super rare TK glitch? The blue dots are my teammate and I. We are shooting a shotgun SCAV behind the pipes at 'bus stop'/'breach' in Customs. He has m4. Him and I are both shooting at the SCAV from completely different angles and were nowhere near each others line of fire. We're overgeared to kill a shotgun SCAV. Easy stuff. I peek to shoot SCAV, as soon as I shoot and my teammate also shoots the SCAV. The SCAV shoots his pellets at me, he misses. I'm behind cover. (no sign of desync all game) I hear silenced M4 spray and I die. The SCAV died at the same time. It says my teammate killed me. He's freaking out because he's nowhere near me. What happened here? Did we glitch the SCAV and he somehow shot M4 buckshot into me from behind a wall? LOL. What? Some of the weirdest poo ever. I've heard about this before and I just laughed it off thinking people were stupid and killed their teammates or lied to their teammate. Now I've experienced it. Thoughts? Similar experiences?